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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What's Your Real Rank?

I love blogging so much and I have blogged for slightly more than 6 months. At the beginning, I was plainly write for my journal without realizing there are actually many things so interesting and exciting about blogging. When I first saw my fellow blogger buddies talking about PR ie. Page Rank, I was wondering what is the Blog Ranks are all about and how can my blog get ranked? I thought one must be a versatile blogger in order to be ranked. My guess was wrong and the rank works pretty simple as far as IZEARank is concerned.

Bloggers will be ranked based on the data collected from the actual traffic or total viewers. I think this method is more accurate and reliable in reflecting one's ranking. In this, we can actually display the pageviews and visitors or what we normally call RealRank. A piece of good news is that a contest is running whereby the No. 1 blog each week in February will be awarded as much as $1,000 but this is only applicable to the legal US residents aged at least 18 who has signed up for RealRank. I personally love what they did in updating the top 100 blogs daily at their website as shown below:-

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