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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Gifts For Our Wedding Anniversary

Now is already year end and there are just too many festive seasons come along. It won't be complete without some specially prepared gifts giving to our loved ones. I am so lucky to search into where one can get almost everything here. You name it, they have it!

This is a rather unique year for hubby and I because we are celebrating our first Wedding Anniversary in just a few days away. Despite going out for a sumptuous dinner, I am going to My Wines Direct to look for a good wine. One thing appeals to me is that the first time buyer will never pay a shipping charge so I'll pick one of their members' favourite with My Wines Direct coupons.

Coming to gift exchange for this meaningful day, I guess to buy hubby a Seiko watch at will definitely cheer him up as my hubby is a watch collector. Moreover, there will be USD$10.00 discount with coupons. I just can't wait the day to come and curious to know what my dear hubby will going to buy for me instead.

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