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Monday, May 12, 2008

Buying Link Is A Hit

Some people said blogging is a waste of time but some view it as a powerful medium to reach out the targeted readers for their respective purposes. So, this is entirely depending on oneself whether or not they want their blog to be "established" in terms of popularity and visibility. For those who blog for merely updating their lifestyle and hoping a few comments from the small circle of the loyal readers, perhaps you may not be interested in the issues related to link building in order to promote your blog to a higher rank. To the contrary, most of us here have been working hard towards it but yet to generate the results as desired. I read a good source on this topic and I'll discuss what I understand in a layperson point of view. Hope it helps.

What we commonly trying to make a better rank is to exchange link with the higher-ranked web but some may just turn you down looking at your poor rank and traffic site. So people started to buy text link from the Directories. Since we are paying for the link, we must choose carefully what kind of link does carry some weights so that it's worth for what we paid for. I learn that edu link is appealing than the standard inbound link. Edu domain or subdomain are powerful because the university websites are tend to be older domains which earning the excellent backlinks. Besides, content is playing a significant role whereby edu link is providing on-topic content for pages with keyword text links in the relevant content. This is more effective than just placing a single link at the sidebar on our site. I'm sure you'll reconsider in buying any text link now if you know the truth is that Google and Yahoo tend to prefer .edu links and .gov links than anything else!

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