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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

You Gotta Check This Out

If you are the blogger, I'm sure you need some spark in your blog to enhance the visibility and traffic in order for you to stand up from the crowd. I believe SocialSpark is able to bring all these to you. Social Spark is a new and trendy blog marketing site. It is now opened to all bloggers to register themselves. You should experience yourself how cool is it. For starters, it may seem a bit of complicated to you. My advice is to hang around there to familiarize first and you'll feel it at home very soon! Once your blog is verified, you are available to the marketplace which means you can have the opportunity to write for money. Even before your blog is verified, one can mix around and make new friends to build a solid social networking. This is crucial and a little tips to increase the traffic especially if your blog is a brand new one.

There are some issues encountered when I was trying to submit both my blogs for verification. If you also facing this, please don't stop there because their support team, Customer Love is very helpful to resolve any problems submitted without much hassle. There goes My Profile-Dora, people may wish to know a little background of me before go on to add me as their friend. Show you something more attractive. One of my blogs, Life Is Mysterious was up in the featured blog yesterday as shown at their main page. I'm so happy for this because it's like kind of my blog is appreciated. Last but not least, I have just earned 16 "props" for time being, so please "prop" for me if you think my blogs are nice and interesting. Thank you very much people!

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Blogger Nessa said...

Hey, congrats for being featured! :) I was featured last week but I totally forgot to 'screen capture' the moment... dang!!

May 8, 2008 at 3:19 PM  

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