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Monday, May 19, 2008

Regarding Own Style

Some people really don't care about what they wear either for work or any social activities. In other words, their senses towards the colourful fashion is rather blunt. Before I go on to talk about Dockers contest, I'll chat a little about wearing in style. One should have picked the outfits which can best carried oneself in considering one's personality, comfortability without much lacking of style. It doesn't mean that one has to follow exactly what's hit and trendy or imitating the way your favourite Hollywood star in wearing. I would like to point out a man who can always put the style on and off the stage. He is Bono, the anchorman in U2. His choice of style is usually simple, jacket and pants in black with a pair of smart glasses but I think he is able to bring up the classic trend as an alternative rock star.

For me, I'll always love to put myself into smart casual because I'm more confident in this style. Well, this is easy said than done. You know why? I have to spend some time on mix and match but if wearing a Dockers pants will not give me such a headache. It's easily topping with a nice blouse and jacket to make you fabulous. I supposed you must have your own style to share with us right? All to need to do is to make it into a video with some creativity and send your entry to the Dockers contest to stand a chance to feature in Jay Leno's The Tonight Show.

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