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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Video Clips Contest

Along blogging, I came across many interesting video clips posted on their blogs for sharing purpose. I'm so happy that many of my online pals are generous enough to share some of the hilarious one which really cheer me up when I'm dull. Before that, what I usually do is go searching a number of video clips at YouTube. But guess what? Most of those clips contain commercial value which lack of originality and I do not find myself enjoy at that. I was thinking the other day that if my friends upload their video clips in a contest, I'm sure they'll have a lot of viewers with some good comments too.

When I bumped into Viddiction, I'm glad that there's actually a place for anyone who loves editing their own videos to share their videos and take part in the competition at the same time. That's very simple, one needs to register to be a member before uploading their videos. You can upload as many as possible at the relevant categories. If your videos are popular, you'll get popularity points. And when all these points are accumulated, you could stand a chance to win cash prizes from $50-$500. Isn't it a very good opportunity to cash for videos. By the way, the video I enjoy a lot is this one, "Dog Playing With Birds" because I love seeing animals playing together and that's so natural.

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