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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tag: Travel To My Fantasy

Tagged by Sting. This is very interesting indeed.

It's always in my silly dream to meet Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus (I guess there's Mrs. as well) at their hometown since I was a child. I will ask hubby as my companion to stay there for a month. I love cold weather. Besides, I have an important task. I'll help in preparing & packing all the gifts to be sent out. (For those who have watched Polar Express then u'll know how heavy the workload there) I'll use my knowledge in logistic to solve the job. It must be computerised so that'll be more organised from ordering->gifts wrapping->packing->sending out.

Also like to play with those adorable reindeers , have a cup of hot coffee with pretty Santarina and Elf , he always joke around. Touch the beautiful flowers covered with snow. Make snowman. That's about it.

How about u Pek Imm?...



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