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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Online Shopping Experience

Are you an online shopper? If yes, you must be no stranger to shopping cart or something like "add to your cart" when you make a purchase. I love online shopping and purchase so much now because I can just do it anytime as I like. Sometimes I can't get a friend as companion to shop whereas shopping alone would be boring. The worse is while I hang out long at girl things section would be quite cruel to my hubby!

The best part is, there are many fancy items can look for which sometimes are hardly found locally. I do collect small stuffs like keychains, self customized T-shirts and necklaces from time to time. This is the amazing of shopping cart software make the fussy people like myself can pick-choose-buy easily.

A reliable e-commerce software is crucial for the smooth running of an online business. User friendly is one thing and high security is a must in protecting us for using credit cards online. I'm only going for those establised one and I never been encountered with credit cards being hacked since buying online. (Touch wood!!!)

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