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Friday, February 8, 2008

Reunion Dinner

Reached my parents' house & the lights are on.
Some of the delicious food. Our reunion dinner this year is "buffet style" in dining b'coz there are just too many of us. Hardly fit-in all together@dining table.
"Lou Sang" time, wish we all have a healthy, happy & prosperous year. My hubby got no place to stand, so he stand on the chair instead! My mum laughed@him!

Having fun with the kids, they are my nieces & nephew:-
Yuan is busy with many things like asking who wants to eat Mandarin Oranges...I always like to chat with her. She is so tall, almost@ my shoulder but she is just a Standard 2 pupil!
Qian is a bit shy the whole night, not a "usual her". According to her mom, she doesn't get used to see many relatives who are not really close. So hubby tried to cheer her up!
Kar Men came back from Penang 2 days b4 CNY. Her favourite is this Mickey tricycle whenever she came back to granny's house.
Chern Huan is naughty boy, always like to "fight" with the girls. So the girls boycotted him. He cried very loud and be a good boy afterwards! He went back to his "poh poh" hometown in Kelantan on the 1st Day of CNY. So, we'll meet him after 1-week time.

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Blogger Trinity said...

so cute pictures! I love the last one expression..and the one with the whole family holding chopsticks! Great and harmonious family you have!

February 9, 2008 at 5:28 PM  

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