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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

These Articles Are Constructive

When I was schooling, I had the habit to collect the articles that I love and pasted it into my sketchbook neatly. During the spare time, I'll flip through the sketchbook and read. This is one of my hobbies. I found my general knowledge towards geography has been improved gradually. I started doing it for my interest on other fields like animals, sports and gardening. At one point, I did submit articles to the readers' columns and forums in newspapers. When I noticed my articles were published, I felt so rewarded! I supposed my deep interest in writing has begun thereafter.
Those sketchbooks are still kept nicely in my drawer though. But the "cut and paste" of articles from newspaper and magazines is no more as aggressive as before. It doesn't mean that I don't enjoy doing it but it's time consuming. Due to the advance of IT era, reading and collecting articles can be done anytime, anywhere and save cost too! Here is one very good web articles directory I'm bumping into currently. There are many articles with such high quality which worth a read. When I browse the category of "Computers and Technology", I was caught by this particular article where the author addressing the experience to learn from the errors in the job of back-up service and data recovery. On the hand, the one with a well discussed of elements and options under the category of "Internet and Online" reveals much of the use of web directory.

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