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Sunday, April 13, 2008

How's Your Weekend Buddies?...

There's a heavy downpour outside & the weather is quite chilling. If during the past, I've already made myself a cup of coffee on the table while blogging but I didn't do it because I've set the rules that a cup of coffee a day. I took one in the morning so I can't take another cup now. Ok, I don't wanna think about it! Concentrate on others...

How's your weekend buddies?...I just watched "Cloverfield" just now. I thought it's interesting with exciting special effects but it's actually a pretty dull movie!!! You know Ultraman stories right? And do you still remember "Blair Witch Project"? This "Cloverfield" is the combination of these two. It's about the huge alien attacking the city and causing chaos here & there...and what we are watching is exactly what the guy is recording with his handycam from the start 'til the end! Boring!....



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