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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ice Cream And Contest


Ice cream temptation is simply irresistible and lovable for everyone. Am I right to say so? Many people relate ice cream to ladies' favourite but I think it's inaccurate because most of my male colleagues will join us ladies to chill out at the ice cream place nearby the office like every Friday night before going home. It's so funny and sort of incredible but it's true to tell that our love for ice cream has strengthened the relationship among us who worked in the same department indirectly. Besides understand each other better, we know each other's taste very well now. They won't forget I want a scoop of Ram Raisin and another scoop of Strawberry Banana!

For US residents (including Guam and Puerto Rico), you are the lucky lot because you can participate in this Awesome Coldstone Contest via application at without any purchase required. So there you go to test your creativity in making your signature ice cream with all the ingredients provided at any Cold Stone Creamery. To enhance your creation and the chances for your friends to try it, you have to think of a nice name for the masterpiece. Friends and family need to vote online and those who have most voted will move on to the next rounds until the deadline on December 31, 2008 before the winners to be announced in January 2009. Check out the link above for the fabulous prizes and their rules and regulations but please don't be upset that this contest is only opened to the participants aged between 13 and 19!

Sponsored by Coldstone Creamery



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