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Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Favourite Pants


I was told that there's an interesting Dockers contest running now. So that we have the chance to produce our own commercial with a story of our pants. As everyone knows, it needs some sort of creativity in order to make it stands out from the crowd if you want to be the winner. I love the contest but due to the fact that I'm lacking of such talent in creativity, so I would rather share with you here about a day in life with my favourite pants. While most people claimed that a woman looks feminine and attractive only if she wears a dress or skirt but I can't agreed on that because I think wearing a pair of Dockers will equally giving the same effect!

Since my office doesn't have a special dress code, we are allowed to wear with smart casual. Thus, I go with my Dockers very frequent because it's easily match with any long sleeves shirt and blouse. Besides, it saves me time on ironing because it's wrinkle-free and I just hate ironing. Buying Dockers is worth for money too I'll say, the durability is unbelievable. Those hanging in my wardrobe are actually bought about 3 years back but it still looks as nice as a brand new one. I just love them so much! That's mine. You have something to say about your pants now? Send your video to Dockers contest to stand a chance for your commercial to be shown in Jay Leno's The Tonight Show in NBC.

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