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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Need My Identity Protected


We are now living in the advance of information technology era whereby many things and transactions can be done "electronically" at our end basically. This is a great breakthrough from the past and very much to the consumers' convenience at large although some complicated one still need to process manually. I guess the most benefited are us , the working folks who come back late at night and lazy to go out in the weekend. Of course I'm one of them who frequently surfing net for both pleasure (shopping and purchase online) and serious matters (paying utility bills) at home whenever I feel free.

In order to perform those purchases and payments online, I have registered one of my credit cards at their sites. No matter how secure they guaranteed at the time I got my card registered, the problem of my credit card numbers being hacked did happen at the later part. When I got my statement end of the month, I discovered someone has spent a whopping thousand plus with my identity. So I cleared the doubt with the credit card issuer which was rather time consuming. I need a reliable one who gives me thorough protection. So, today I make a move to Visit Shop Shield® trying to solve the above. I supposed they provide a better way to prevent fraud because our actual personal data will be replaced with anonymous information temporary which are just meaningless to the hackers while any transaction online is going on. It's worth to try the service since it's free and you should Learn More of the security issues and other benefits gained from them as it's impossible for me to list down all.

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