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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Live With Laughter

Life without laughter would be just flat and boring. Some people wouldn't care much about whether they laugh or not in a day. But let me remind you, I have watched a documentary program on TV telling us that a person who is always unhappy will live with miserable in the whole life. Well, I'm a serious person at work but I do need something casual or jokes to relax my mind after a hard day in the office. I usually go for sitcoms and the hilarious Stand-up Videos. I'm wondering how can the stand up comedians are so great with their idea and willing to make their audiences laugh at such a short script like what I just enjoyed myself in "The Best Christmas Ever". That's amazing.

You may think cartoons are only for kids but I love spending time with my hubby to catch up some very interesting and Funny Cartoons in the weekend if we're not going out. Those who love it too can sign up the Jokes RSS feeds and Laughs newsletter at RD Laughs Main so that you won't miss out the funniest one. If you're the humorous one, try to submit your jokes and stand a chance to walk away with $100. That's quite a lot, isn't it? Ok, I'm gonna make one to bring some laughter to the world! (If I managed to...)

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