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Friday, June 27, 2008

Your Career Path

Recalled those days when we were studying in secondary school (high school), we needed to choose for either go for science stream or arts stream. Most of us were facing the dilemma at that point. I was no exception too. It was such a worry to choose the wrong one and it may ruin the future in our career whereas the decision was on our own hands entirely! Information Technology (IT) was started to boom at that moment so many of my classmates opted for science stream without much consideration. I didn't join them because I was not keen on Additional Math, basically anything to do with the complicated figures and calculations.

If you're making your choice now please think carefully or there won't be a "u turn" after that. The only thing I was regretful for my choice made is that those holding the same degree honour but working in the IT field are enjoying a far more attractive pay than I am. Thus, earn yourself a Cisco certification would be the best ever investment to enhance your portfolio while stepping into your career. The network certification programs started from the Entry level, go on to Associate, Professional, Expert and Specialist. You and me know very well that there's a high demand of variety of certified IT personnels to fill in different positions for almost all the industries today. The certification coupled with necessary trainings and experiences will nonetheless bring you to a higher hierarchy in the career advancement. An important information to share with, a reliable survey conducted showing those with Cisco certification have the biggest impact on improving the current salaries. So, how you want to walk through the career path is now relied on yourself.

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Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

You are lucky you had choices of art and science stream. For me, my results were too good to avoid art stream. It's a one way street for me. My parents will say it is a waste of talent if i were to enter art stream. I like geography though but hate the drawing and colouring thing. I never enjoyed maths but I still pull through quite well. It's not about interest for me, it is about responsibility for me back then

June 27, 2008 at 5:53 PM  
Blogger Deana E said...

i know what you meant. i wanted to take IT course but place was so limited 28 only so i didn't get it.

July 1, 2008 at 12:47 AM  

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