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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Get Prepared Halloween Costumes

I don't know when is the Halloween exactly but I always love and curious about this special day. Remember seeing a bunch of kids wearing those funny Halloween costumes in the TV knocking the door from house to house asking for candies and chocolates. When I was a kid, I want to wear like them too but my mom said that we do not celebrate Halloween here as it's a Westerner celebration. I was very disappointed and wondering why it is not a festival celebrated worldwide just like Christmas Day? So we can only see the Westerner kids holding the pumpkin lights wandering about on this special day through TV programmes.

Although we are not celebrating Halloween in this country, I guess it doesn't stop us from wearing those funny costumes for the party or role play on stage, right?...I just got an invitation from an old coursemate inviting me and hubby for a cocktail party at her new house serving as a reunion among the coursemates who are not seeing each other for years. This is not any cocktail party but there's a special dress code request for all the attendees. We must wear with CREATIVE, FUN AND STRANGE?! (But no naked please...) I love you girl, I love it so much as you make my dream comes true. I'm searching through for something extraordinary.

There are just too many choices of costumes with different categories and themes. I browse under the "Adult category" and's so amazing for their long list of costumes. "Greek & Roman", "Wild West & Cowboy" and "Witch & Wizard" are among my favourite. Spending a few hours at this homepage, finally I have made my mind to be the Piratesses of the night. Don't you think this black and pinky short skirt is sexy for me? As for hubby, he said he wants something real humorous. Ok, I supposed wearing like Fred Flinstone would be simply his choice! A caveman dating a sexy Piratesses could make us the most interesting couple of the party. Lets see. Grab your favourite costume too at their huge sale running where you may enjoy up to 50% discount for selected items.



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