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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Some Funny One To Share

There are a couple of incidents/things which I find is kind of funny in blogging so far. I'm wondering you guys have such experience before or perhaps you may like to share our own version?...

1. I have mentioned this much earlier. One of my buddies don't like me visit her blog everyday. She got angry and deleted my link. So do I because I find this is annoying.

2. Some mommy bloggers are prone to only friend with other mommy bloggers. They are not interested to follow your updates after they know you're not a mom!

3. Some didn't even bother to read the content and post a comment and it's inaccurate with the facts in the content of the post. Then do you feel like your work not being appreciated?...

4. Some will be started off very friendly and close to you and turn out to be cold like an ice later on.

How about you, any weird one or funny one to share with us?...I'm glad to listen.



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