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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Blame The Flu...

Yeah I guess many of you agree with me that because of the aggressive spreading of H1NI, we rather stay at home more often than going to the places with a lot of people. But having myself "confined" at home so long make me feeling so boring and blue, I'm thinking when can I have a family vacation in a long holiday? I want to bring my baby out of the house and smell the nature?...

I love Mother Nature a lot so that I'll get my baby exposed to the nature more often next time. This White Sand Beaches of Riviera Maya is just perfect for a family getaway. I love the sunrise, the sunset and the smell of the beaches. It simply keep me refreshing...I want to taste the food too as they promise something great in their new concept of "Gourmet Inclusive".

A stay at Azul Beach Hotel is excellent for a family because of their family-friendly amenities so that you won't worry in case you forget to bring this and that. You know they even have baby milk heater and refrigerator for milk. If you're very serious in dining, you should go Azul Beach’s Asian Tainan restaurant and Caribbean café, La Mancha whereas liquor enthusiast must visit Agavero Tequila Lounge. For me, I'll bring baby to participate the events and join others in family-friendly kids' activity center. If you're interesting too, you can call 212-629-8445 or drop a line to Pamela Johnston ( Amanda Deveaux ( for further information.



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