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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Why Many Stupidful Around?...

I want to write this earlier but I was busy for the last whole week and when I tried to do it, problem arises as it was damn difficult to sign in Blogger. So fed up & frustrated.

Wondering why there r many brainless nowaday (I try not to be rude but when i think of them I just can't resist myself to call it STUPID)Read on & see whether u have such experience:(

As usual me & hubby shopped for household stuff in weekend@Carrefour. Then proceed to cashier counter to pay. I started to feel something amiss 'coz the cashier took away the detergent that I wanted to buy & put it aside. I told her why put it there as I want to buy it. She replied me:" Ini tak ada bar code, saya rasa ini tak ada jual dengan satu unit." But surely there were no double pack/promotion pack on the rack. I asked:" So saya tak boleh beli keh?" She nodded. And if I don't ask she won't bother to tell.
>I laughed & told hubby that:" u know today I encounter something ppl said u think u got money u can just buy anything u want?..."

One Citibank's telemarketer always approached hubby & ask him to apply credit card. Actually no need to apply for extra card but he did so as the one offer is free for life. Everything done & approved very fast within 2-week, pin also reached home. A big question mark is: "where is the damn card goes to after soooo many weeks?" Called the telemarketer. Firstly she said it was pending wth courier service. Many ppl still on Raya leave maybe a bit late. Ok Raya over, called again. She said don't know where is the card located now exactly! I ask hubby to collect it@HQ. Need to wait another officer to call if the card is sent back by courier service co.
>Wondering if hubby needs to wait after Deepavali. Hope not lah! I strongly believe it's not problem wth Citibank, it's those persons who deliver this simple job r of very very low standard of efficency.

Hubby & I usually like to hv some light snack@the IKEA Cafe (opposite of cashier counters)after buying things@IKEA. I ordered my all time favourite cinnamon roll among others. The staff said:"cinnamon pergi atas" I was like stunned & what the heck is she trying to say???
>She's actually saying that cinnamon sold out, if I want I can get it@the IKEA restaurant up there.Why can't phrase the sentence properly?

This evening a lorry stopped in front of my parents' house & keep honk-ing. We don't bother much as safety is of paramount important. The driver then gesture to me & asked me to come. Of course I didn't bother him. He honk again & got down from the lorry & took out a box. He said"Amway Amway..." He acted all the above in such a slow motion.
>My sis-in-law bought something fr Amway & requested to send it to my parents' hse. This driver why can't just open his big mouth & said he is sending something we ordered from Amway?...

This happened quite long ago. I was looking for Smucker Peanut Jam@Giant, IU. A security guard (I guess fr goldsmith in front there) holding his rifle standing beside me. The way he hold it just scared me very much, I scared there'll fire release accidentally as it happened not once wth the stupid guard. So I moved away fr there as walking normally. This stupid tried to stop me & said I was a suspect. I explained but useless 'coz I found him was insane as he said something like:"...u komunis kah, u kenapa takut? u tak nampak saya ni security kah? tembak u mati tau?..."
>My God, where the hell is this stupid creature came from?! I wrote a complaint letter to Giant, also to the Star but it didn't published. This one is the most frustrating!



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