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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Is Your Life Insured?

I remember my first insurance policy was signed-up when I first stepped into my carrer few years back. That was a employees group coverage. Actually I don't have much knowledge on the benefits but since I was advised to sign-up by the Human Resource colleague then and due to the fact that I need not pay a cent for this, I just followed what was told.

Later I found out insurance is playing an important role to me, in fact, to everyone of us. I took up Whole Life Insurance being the most traditional form of security. I must say for those who think insurance is solely designed for people who are exposed to high risk jobs, you are wrong, ok? We as human being in this world itself is surrounded with risky games very moment.

Recently, I even decided to take out a portion of money for Cash Back Premium Life Insurance rather than spending on unnecessary shopping spree. This is interesting because if there's nothing bad happen to me until the policy expired, I can get back those money I paid for the premium. It may deem another saving fund for the future and I keep my fingers-crossed there's really nothing bad happen to me!



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