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Monday, May 12, 2008

Check Out Online Deposits Service

What I know about the transactions we can do it online dealing with banks is making payments through our account or credit card registered with them in the first place. But there's actually the service enabling us to deposit checks online available since 2004. Do you aware of this? Never mind if you just came across it by reading this now. We can explore this service for further informations thus we'll know who are the one needed it the most and you can judge its worthiness in utilizing it. I think online bank deposits should have some very positive responses from those companies which need to bank in a great deal of checks frequently.

I have no idea how is the accounts department in dealing with so many of checks to deposit. Are they filling up the deposit form for each and every check or is there a special way t do that? But I have noticed the account girls in my old company really deal with it one by one by writing those necessary particulars on the form just like what we do for our normal bank-in. Isn't that tiring and ridiculous? So this online checks deposit not only save the trips to bank but saving a lot of works and some common human mistakes too. There are three versions in depositing the checks come with the software. It can either be performing the task with web-based, offline mode or QuickBooks and Peachtree. If there's high volume of checks, "offline modes" is the most appropriate because one can scan all the checks (whether online or not), then sign-in the system to upload the whole batch of checks. I think this is very time-saving. In the past, the scanner allowing to do this has limited to scanning checks alone with higher cost. But it has been re-designed to meet the demand, so it can scan other documents just like any normal scanner. I guess to invest at $255.00 would be just a little amount for most of the big corporations having considered the efficiency in return.

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