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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Found My Music

Listening to the music for me is like wearing a watch, it's my greatest companion that I can't go without. Although my favourite are Alternative Rock and Classical, I'm always looking for other good rhythms to add into my variety. I think Sites and Sounds is simply a nice place for every music lover. There, we can read the biodata of a particular artiste or music band so that we can know them better besides catching a music video and listening to some of their musics uploaded.

You can search your favourite music under "tags" where I found a group named Northern Room in Alternative Rock. It assures us that those who like U2 and Coldplay must like them as well. This is a real good one to Discover New and Free music at Sites and Sounds. Well, I enjoy reading the entries posted by those who admire the artistes. I love the one in "Assembly of Dust" where it introduces in a way that it's like a stranger telling you to greet and welcome your life in a happy way. How meaningful! Go search for more and Get free music at Sites and Sounds.

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