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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

He Proves Me Wrong

Yeah, I was wrong but I glad too...

I have mentioned that I was doubted for Rafa in the recent match in The Artois Championship. Nevertheless, all his hard work, skills and determination have brought him the victory at the end! I truly respect player like him playing with full swing.

I remembered this one, he was shouting to himself to release his anger because he made a string of careless mistakes in the midst of the match. Or perhaps it helps as he came back with the very sharp baseline balls. Those who want some POWER pump in, you gotta watch Rafa play tennis!

I have always thought that playing with Djokovic is very much difficult than to play with FedEx. But Rafa managed to overcome thee men. He defeated Djokovic with superb will power and he won his first title for the grass court. So Rafa must have better confidence to play on grass in Wimbledon started on 23.06.2008. Hope he can overcome FedEx on grass aw well. We are here for you, Rafa!!!



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