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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Please Get Her A New Vacuum


The recent price hiking in fuel is still the hot and most talked about topic among the colleagues during lunch hour. For those who are still single and staying with their parents may not know how heavy the burden in taking care of a household in terms of the basic expenses spent. And coupled with the fact of the price increasing in electricity started soon in July, there's a memo pasted at the white board advising all the staffs to save electricity. Actually this is not something new but this time it sounds rather serious because the memo extended to our cleaning auntie too.

We have the vacuum, cleaning liquid and others for cleaning auntie. She has complained that the vacuum is worn out and it's going to break down anytime. True enough, it stopped functioning some weeks later but the new one has not been bought.You know the reason? Using less electrical items can help cutting the costs in the over-loading electricity bill. So I guess the Accucharge Stick Vac and Hand Vac from Dirt Devil may get the issue resolved. Both the vacuums are Energy Star approved with great energy-saving of 70%. There's a lot can be saved! Please quickly go get one for auntie use as I can't stand anymore when she sweeps around the office because I keep sneezing when dusts flying into my nose.

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