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Thursday, July 3, 2008

How Do You Want Your Victory Hair?

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Do you still going party? Well, I rarely go for one now except to my little nieces and nephew birthday parties. Anyway, I have one unforgettable experience while attended our sales celebration party organized by the sales department quite some time ago. All the attendees must be creative enough to go with our own description of Victory Hair. We were all stunned a while before went on to discuss and exchange the idea on the hairstyling as requested. Since the organizer was so generous in giving away the fabulous prizes for the winners, many of my colleagues even hired a stylist to come up with the most impressive effect.

That was indeed an interesting night seeing so many of them willing to turn themselves imitating the hairstyle of the celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis. Me who get used to keep a low profile didn't over do for my hair as I was worry that people might laugh at me. So I was going in a rather causal and neat one as what I usually want for my style but smartly applied Extreme Style by VO5 had got myself won in the casual looking category! So this is all about playing smart in flirting at the end. If you're curious too, copy and paste the widget provided into your own blog. Invite your readers to play this Ultimate Flirting Championship with you and hope your skill in flirting could be polished after that!

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Blogger Trinity said...

:-) I am waiting for an opp to write about this.. hehehe

July 4, 2008 at 3:50 PM  

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