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Monday, November 19, 2007

Jolly Good Old Days

I love planning, be it short term or in a long run. Basically I plan every nitty-gritty in my daily routine by penning down notes in my organizer. But how could I be so neglectful for not thinking about my life when I'm old? I don't want to be isolated and I still want to blog if I'm able to.

Here start my serious thoughts with old age planning having referred to this care home. I guess my children next time will move out when they have their own family in the future. I hate living in a total stranger environment so I'll stay at my own house with my hubby. What we need most during that time shall be some form of care at home.

Well, being an all time health conscious myself, I love to read their daily care news where there are health related articles may alert and update my knowledge towards health care besides tips and advices for health living. Hear your say is a good venue to exchange views through discussions in the community forum. Wow! Good for me and hubby when we are old because we can lead a lovely slow-pace but contented life then.

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