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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tennis Is A Good Profession To Consider

Justine Henin is so great in the recent Madrid Final where she has defeated Maria Sharapova. This was a very exciting tournament. Henin lost for the first set but make a fierce come back subsequently. In fact Henin current play is lost first then fightback & won. She is very great. U know if u play well u can earn BIG BUCKS in tennis. She has earned USD$5Mil this year alone as she is really in her peak form this year. Henin is only 25! (Most of the professional tennis players are Millionaire & below 30!) Well, my time is already over for this sport. I may nurture the interest in playing tennis to my children next time in case they don't do well in academic and send them to tennis school in US. So I must hardworking in earning money now.



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