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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bored Of The Same Old Thing

For me worked as a junior administrator last time, I was delegated to handle many clerical tasks. One of which that I didn't enjoy much was to prepare the correspondences for the relevant companies to ask for sponsorship with regards to the lucky draw which is usually "the highlight" of the annual dinner. You know why I don't like to carry out this? They always like to delay or pretend unaware as to the issue and they'll decide at the very last minute to sponsor electronic gadgets most of the time eventhough they are the big corporations. In the meantime, the superior will sure asked me to negotiate with them for "better gifts". You hate this kind of situation, right? How am I going to start the conversation?...I'm wondering why they ever think of something out of the box, err...such as replica rolex watch. Bright idea right? I'm sure people who got a rolex replica will more delightled than getting a rice cooker!

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