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Monday, February 25, 2008

This One Is Dedicated To You, Hubby

I supposed I never touch of any "history" of myself and hubby in my blog so far. By this, I mean how we met, how we got ourselves into serious relationship and the like. (You may read on only if you are interested) We were schoolmate in secondary school and we didn't talk much to each other. We used to prepare school projects together and participated in some rare school activities. He tried to ask me out with some friends but too bad...I was rather an active and energetic girl (I'm still the same now, hehehe...) who joined the Lion Club and Badminton Team so I was seldom at home in most of the weekends. That means I wasn't able to out with my hubby and friends. There was one unforgettable night where he surprised me with a stalk of red roses and a teddy bear! That night was my 18-year-old birthday party. I was smiling sweet in my heart although I never like these kind of birthday gifts.
Paula Abdul's once hit pop "Opposite Attract" really reflects us because our interests, preferences, likes and dislikes never going parallel but there's the "mighty chemical sparks" work on us. We started going steadily after I have graduated. I'm always lack of idea when come to gifts. I'll only buy something like belt, tie and ball pen for him on some special occasions. Boring right? I have decided to buy him a portable office pack on his coming birthday. I know you need this but again I'm never a romantic wife.Sometimes I thought my body is dominated slightly more of the male hormone as I'm feeling myself more like a guy buddy to my hubby. We chatted endless on wrestling, soccer and audio visual system. I'm wondering why he loves me somehow. Nevertheless, I'm glad he said that he loves me the way I'm being myself all the time and he is comfortable living with me. I'm so happy to hear this and this is our lifestyle!

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Blogger slavemom said...

It must hv been 1 of the best b'day ever! And he must be a vy persistent guy.. to 'kau' u from secondary schl till after ur graduation.

February 26, 2008 at 3:30 PM  

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