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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This Kid Loves To Chat

"Ring, ring, ring...Hello!"This is what my eldest niece, Yuan loves to say to me. When she was around two years old, we used to play chatting on the kiddy handphone set. She was so happy to chat with everyone of us. This girl is always curious on every new thing. I remembered that she was sitting on the tricycle and staring at anyone who was talking on the phone. I think she must be feeling strange that how come we talk to the small gadget (phone) with buttons? When I was small, I have actually asked this to my mum. Yuan never asked anyone of us about this but she loves to imitate us!

Yuan is an active and talkative little girl. She is fast to learns many words and brave enough to simply press the numbers on the phone and started to talk. She is very clever, she would hang up the phone extremely fast whenever she knew we saw what she did. But luckily she never "succeed" to dial any international call or else my parents would be yelling at the unexpected total in the phone bill. Kids just love to follow what adults doing. So, you better keep your bad habit away from the eye sight of your kids.

Time flies and Yuan is a Standard Two student now. She knows how to call definitely and she even send SMSes to me. But the problem is that she'll make any phone calls whenever she feels like to do it. I supposed her daddy really needs to get an online phone cards as soon as possible. Her daddy is frequent go overseas on business trips and this daddy's girl will call him about 5 times a day. They can chat quite some time too on every call. Guess what? The phone bill of the month reaching a whopping RM1,800.00!

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