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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Glenn Beck Is On Tour

I'm wondering if you will be enlighten by the jokes. I do love watching or listening to some funny one to rejuvenate my mind especially after a hectic day in office. My principle is one will doing well in both career and personal life only if one's body and mind is relax to prepare any challenges of the day. It's worth spending my time with the brainy stand-up comedian like Glenn Beck who is creative in playing around not only limited to casual topics in lifestyle but the more serious one in current events and politics. There are no plain laughing but open up our mind to think for the issues concerned. That's the value in every Glenn Beck's show although I may not agree to some of his views. Go check out his personal blog and the stu show blog too. Take note for his coming Summer Comedy Tour, Beck'08 Unelectable on July, 17th at 8:00pm in selected movie theatres nationwide.

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