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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm actually a fruits mania I shall call myself because I love eating most of the fruits since small girl. I think this is most probably because we were "trained" to eat fruits by parents after dinner every night when we were still small kids. So both my parents are fruits lover too! But I have a slight phobia on durian because there was one incident where I developed into fever after I ate too much of it I guess... So it's time for me to introduce fruits to my baby now. First I started with kiwi because it's soft so it's easier for him. I chose Zepri Gold which is golden yellow color inside and it tastes much sweeter than the original green one. You know little XJ blinks his eyes like telling me it's sour! Probably because it's the first time he is exposed to this citrus fruit and give some weird feeling for him. But when I let him try apple which is absolutely sweet, he still blinks his eyes?!...

~ Kiwi in the basket ~

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