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Monday, May 16, 2011

Maxis, Why Like That One?...

There's always problems and trouble around us but the point is how we gonna solve it and most importantly is that the thing get done at the end plus try to avoid the same old doggy silly trouble to the people, agree? I'm addressing this because my husband's recent cell phone's bill is really sucks & it's due to two group of people. 1) the sms syndicate (I don't know what they called) who simply send the vulgar & offensive stuffs & 2) the stupid mobile service provider ~ Maxis, all those sms (over 100) are billed & it's RM1/each. This is funny, isn't it?

Went to complain the issue@Maxis Centre, Gardens ~ I tell you, twice ok? They also cannot give a proper solution. 1st time, a lady~ said she has stopped them from sending but still received after that. 2nd time, a guy~ must pay the bill in full, asked my hubby to dial 103 to get the info of that particular co., go there & get refund on his own. This is STUPID!!! How on earth does this person come out with this thought?... No hope to Maxis Centre@Gardens. Went to Maxis Centre@KLCC. Ok that guy seems so understandable & solved it the way every customer wants, pay the bill minus the spam sms. He said the investigation will be done & expect a call from them over a few days to verify the issue. Alright, things seems settled & done. Suddenly, received an sms saying that still owe them RM1xx.00. Report again at Maxis Centre@Tmn Tun. A guys called the next day to tell that it's my hubby's fault & he must get it paid! What the heck! Why's it's our fault? We didn't subscribe those silly spam sms... Hey, Maxis, you are soooo stupid! Very simply, if you still insist us to pay, we'll just switch to other service provider. I never imagine Maxis people are so STUPID!

p/s: most customer service staffs are serving people without a smile & no greeting. I must admit that the people working at Immigration Office are far better than them.



Blogger Small Kucing said...

ooo srry to hear that.

Btw, thanks for the comment. Yess BBWS is back. This time is 7th oct to 16oct at MAEPS serdang. I just came back today ....fuiyo very tired

October 6, 2011 at 10:30 PM  

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