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Monday, January 28, 2008

Love Your Heart

I'm a health-conscious person myself so I think I have the responsibility to spread the message about adDress Your Heart Campaign . Many people or at the least those around me are the kind of people who are care or worry for their health only when they fall sick. This is very wrong and my advice would be "prevention is better than cure" because some diseases may not alert you with any prior symptom and once you aware, it may be too late. Heart disease is No. 1 killer for American women and men but I suppose we all must love our heart by eating rightly and leading a healthy lifestyle.
Lisa Perry, a fashion designer, is working with Campbell's whereby she has designed some lovely dresses. You may show your appreciation towards the campaign by voting your favourite dress. Your kind action equals to donating $1 to the Go Red For Women movement. I'm sure most of you know Toni Braxton right? She will wear the dress with the highest votes. And for your information, she is actually the heart disease survivor. You may go on to read her real story. There's casual T-shirt selling for $15 only and 50% of the proceeds will go for the above campaign. Your action means a lot to those who need help.

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