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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

When Can I See You Again, The Police?

Hubby and I had a casual chat yesterday night after dinner. Yeah, we usually do this on any topics straightly from our mind. Hubby asked me that whether or not I still remembered the time when China had a stiff competition with Australia over the bid for holding the Olympic Games. Sure I do and it reminds me how time flies. Beijing Olympic 2008 is just a couple of months away, I guess the Sports Tickets must have been overwhelmingly booked or sold out.
Some fond memories appeared during the chat. I love Sting Concert that we went together back then on the Federal Territory Day (1st February) but I can't remembered exactly it was either 2004 or 2005. You know Sting right? He comes from The Police band before he went for solo. Their evergreen song "Every Breath You Take", ring your bell now?...When we knew that Sting had confirmed his concert held in Putra Stadium (Indoor), Bukit Jalil, we quickly bought Tickets at Lot 10 Information Counter. We enjoyed the songs, the music, the performance, the sound effect, just everything that night.

We both love to go for Europe tour. Who doesn't love, right? But we all know it costs quite a lot. In my wild dream, how wonderful if we can catch
The Police Concert during the tour in Europe. I saw their Concert Tickets on sale now whereby the concerts will be held at Mannheim and Dusseldorf, Germany and Manchester, UK in June 2008. Can I really listen to my favourite songs "Roxanne" and "Message In A Bottle" live from concert again but in Europe? We are working very hard for the Europe vacation fund!

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