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Thursday, March 20, 2008

I Want To Try This One

Today is public holiday and we have planned for an outing initially. But I was left alone at home because my hubby got a call this morning and he had to attend a customer urgently. Therefore, the best option to kill time at home is to surf internet. I never won anything in any online contests before because I'm not a lucky person. But the one in seems rather interesting. One will be given clues for the question. In other words, ones is tested on his or her general knowledge. I love this game! If you are the one who likes challenge like me, this must be the right place because the value of the prizes and amount of cash pay out depending on the difficulty of each game. There's already a winner who brings back $200. I quickly register myself now as I want to participate in the on-going contest "Who Am I". This gonna be fun!



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