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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Doctors On The Run

It cannot be denied that the world is evolving into a high technology era. Well, I respect very much to the guys like Bill Gates and Steve Job among others who bring us many new and trendy gadgets for the ease of life in both career and lifestyle. Hopefully people will appreciate it and fully materialized it in the most positive way otherwise it's not too much to say that those wonderful pieces of creation have been ruined.

Here comes this great gadget of drug guide for iphone especially for the use of doctors and other medical practitioners. One can access more than 3300 brand names with regards to the drug references on dosing, interactions, retail pricing, monitoring and adverse reactions. Our local medical practice is tend to be criticized for leaving far behind and I'm wondering they have approached to this Epocrates medical reference software. They should invest into it and it may help those patients in need. If you are interested in this software, please equip yourself with further information at

“This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.”

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