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Friday, May 30, 2008

Check Out In Plain Sight

For those fans of crime and action drama like me, please stay tune for this USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight which will be shown on June 01st,2008. In just two more days ok?! This is involving the lead actress, Mary Shannon who is a US Marshal in her daily job to take care of the important witnesses under the Federal Witness Protection Program. She has a great partner to work along, named Marshall Mann. They may not be agreeing to each other's views most of the time but they can get the cases solved together at the end of the day. In Mary's personal life, you may find some interesting and funny persons like Jinx and Brandi (Mary's mother and younger sister) whose I believe are giving much trouble to her. With her commitment to the job, she is spending less time with her on-and-off boyfriend, Raphael. Yeah, please look at the photo provided above carefully and tell me later where is this photo taken in the drama? This is to test you whether or not you have a pair of sharp eyes which required in a Marshal. No, it's just playing for fun!

Sponsored by USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight



Blogger Lil' Ms Pinky said...

A window that opens up to your blog...that's a beautiful picture!

Nice meeting you over SS. :)

May 30, 2008 at 9:03 PM  

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