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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Baby Can Learn A Lot

That's so wonderful to see little babies learn to crawl, walk, imitate adults' talking and reading. Don't ever think it's too early or putting so much of pressure to teach your baby as I have read some articles saying that a baby's brain cell is very active and acting like a sponge to absorb any new thing exposed to them. In relation to this, of course parents are needed to apply the appropriate approach and utilizing the reading materials which are suitable according to the a baby's age. Many parents today are mistakenly throwing all books to their babies hoping they may become a baby genius later. I must say a wrong method applied in teaching will worsen the whole process or it gives baby a rather tough learning experience.

It's so amazing to see baby Felicity doing so well from the tender age of 12 months. She can understand the words like " clap, toes, point..." when her daddy writes on the board. She recognizes not only English but Mandarin combined in the flash cards. She has shown a great interest in reading story book at 2.5 years old without much help of her parents. So please don't just admire some friends' babies doing good in learning, your baby can do it and may be one smart baby too. It's not entirely a gifted skill but this is all about the right way in teaching and guiding. You may follow through flash card method, multi-sensory method and whole words vs. phonics. Other than that, you must be patient and give your baby a break in between!
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Isn't that amazing!

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