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Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Cool Online Game

My hubby and nieces are PC games mania. My nieces are currently hooked on the games because their final exam is just over. Since the girls behave so well, they both studied hard for the exam so my sis-in-law allowed them to play PC games even before the holiday is started. Not much later, the girls asked my hubby what other games are interesting to play since they get bored with the old one.

Hence, hubby told my nieces to go for online games because there are so many different games to choose and one can even play with another friend who is online too. In searching for something new, hubby found Crowns of Power is a great game. This is the first 3D graphical online MMO for PC by Rampid Interactive. This game is designed to support hundred of players simultaneously.

In this game, the objective is to evolve your character through adventures and quests while obtaining rare and unique items, spells and powers. For the character selection, you can opt for the hairstyle, gender and name. My character's name is "Warrior". Do tell me the character name you have created in this comment box so that we can complete the mission together. Download this cool game now, it does not cost you a thing. It's FREE!




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