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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Movie on Saturday

We watched Die Hard 4.0 at home yesterday. I love action movie very much. But for this one the story line is perhaps too much, I mean the hackers can really do that much until control the whole States?...I don't know much about the capability of a hacker but I believe they can make some handsome money in their own way undoubtedly! Ok forget about it.

The sound effect is thumbs up especially the scene in tunnel there, remember? I don't like when MaggieQ fights with Bruce Willis, that's too fake as she is a terminator. She's a human and a big guy like Bruce can't fight with a petite woman? But Maggie can act in this movie. When the jet chasing the truck driven by Bruce is another silly one like in Power Rangers! What I enjoyed the most is the special effect. It's damn real man!

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