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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gold Coins As Gift

Do you scratch your head in thinking what to buy for your family members on those special days? I'm not smart in picking gifts but I supposed there must be something precious and meaningful when I get something to my all-time respectable parents. When I was a small girl, I made cards and painted some drawings for them on their birthday. My mum still keep those presents nicely in her wardrobe.It's true that a present for your parents not necessarily an expensive one, a little card is enough to make them a big wide smile. But I have grown up now and I'm earning money so I want to buy gold coins for them as a small gesture of appreciation from their forever little girl at heart! I think the set of American buffalo is perfect for them because we Chinese loves "Golden Ox" which symbolizes wealthy. Bear in mind, one must look for a trustworthy dealer in buying such precious coins. You can go for Monex as it is America's premier coin dealer.

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