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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Looking For Used Car?

To earn a living today is not easy having considered all the relevant daily expenses which really cost a thing to most of us. The prices for many consumer items like bread and instant noodle have increased as well. So some of my junior colleagues choose to bring home made meal instead of going out for lunch as a way to save some money. For us who drive a car, what we worry the most is the price increases in petrol. One of my colleagues in sales department told me that he spent RM500-600 average a month on petrol. There's petrol allowance for a portion of it but I'm not sure how much he's going to claim from the company, otherwise it's really a lot!

I'm wondering how can many people still manage to drive luxury cars while everyone is yelling for poor economy? Some people rather buy used cars so that one may not need to go for installment if the cost is not high. Actually I'm thinking to have an used European car. I love Peugeot 307 for its sporty outlook. But I always remind myself that I need to be extra careful if I seriously looking for one. is great to offer some very useful advices and tips in order to prevent one being cheated. Other than that, we can always search for the best price before buying.



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