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Friday, May 2, 2008

Regarding Own Company

Sometimes I find it's rather funny when chat with my junior colleagues during lunch hour. I can't say they are childish at all or most probably they are still young (I'm not old though) so their mind may be straight and sort of innocent somehow. No matter what, that's good for a youngster to think big rather than spending time to day dreaming of other useless stuffs. At least they are ambitious to have the idea of starting their own small business. One of them said that she is fed up with her demanding immediate superior so that she is seriously thinking to set up a PR consulting company. Does she know the relevant know-how, Payroll Services, social networking, E verify and the list goes on.

As for capital, there won't be an issue for her since she comes from a well-to-do family so she can have the revenue back-up from her parents. I bet that she must be too stressed when mumbling about this so-called decision. If she really takes this step, she must get ready to hire a professional like PEO to assist in running the human resource, accounting and other small but very important administrative tasks. She works as a customer services executive for only a mere 2 years, you think she can handle it by herself if not engage with someone who has expertise in it?



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