Life Is Mysterious


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lazy Weekend Spent@Sri Hartamas

I'm getting in love of Sri Hartamas...! A quiet place to hang out. Hubby & I love to have a cup of coffee & chat in a nice ambience and we found this is a place where we want to chill out. We'll go there in the evening next time, i think it should be more comfortable.


Friday, August 17, 2007

Go shopping a while with hubby@Mid Valley. I found funny stuffs (below) & I can't resist myself to buy it!

Colourful tortoises like a family. Thinking of my niece always says "wu gui"

Mickey Mouse writing pad & pen. Mickey is my childhood favourite cartoon character!


Monday, August 13, 2007

A Tired Sunday

Woke up quite late on Sunday@about 11am. Wondering why the whole body felt quite tired but still got the urge to shop! Then changed cloth and heading to 1-U. Me & hubby were very hungry so had our lunch@Wong Kok Char Chan Teng(I got member card so 10% disc on the total bill!) We ordered food as follows:-)

"Fu Yong DAN" rice, Sweet & Sour Pork steam rice with mixed beans

I love this Iced Lemon Green Tea very much, it's not sweet, refreshing & big mug...!


Little Boy's Birthday

We celebrated this little boy's birthday on 11.08.2007 (He was just came back from Langkawi with his parents on that day) Present time first before cutting cake!

Happy Family & playing time...

Cameraman doing the recording!(We were searching for this Sony Handycam last Sunday before they left for vacation in Langkawi)


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Addicted To PC Games...!

These are some of hubby's favourite PC games & the newly bought Logitech Game Pad

U think this is the real French Open?!...This is tennis match in PC Games.

Hahaha...enjoy playing games!


Playing With The Little Girl

Hubby likes to play with my niece, Qian when go to my parents' house. She is a naughty lil' thing always "bully" him.


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sunday Breakfast

My Big Bro asked us for breakfast on Sunday morning@Simply Penang in Puchong Jaya. The food are not bad but we waited quite long eventhough it was not very packed. After that we had an important mission:> Big Bro wanted to buy a Sony Handycam. We went to 1-Utama but to our great dissapointment, no stock@all the major outlet. However, we didn't give up. Then went to Mid Valley & finally we got it@Sony Centre! Although tired, we were happy coz Big Bro need this Handycam to snap & record in Langkawi soon to celebrate lil' Chern Huan birthday!


Sunday Outing

Hubby with my nephew, little Chern Huan

Me, my Big Brother & my Big Sis in Law

The Big Big Brother & Big Big Sister: My Father & Mum

Hubby suddenly took out camera & catch a snap of me!


Friday, August 3, 2007

PC Fair & Shopping@KLCC

Hubby & I went to PC Fair@KL Covention Centre today but I didn't accompany him, I shopped around KLCC. Firstly read some books@Kinokuniya but couldn't find a book to buy. Found that Studio R now changed its name to Stadium (perhaps I didn't go KLCC for long) Love many sporty items there...Le Coq Sportif (wondering spelling is correct) is very expensive man! About 2 hrs later, me & hubby had coffee@Bistro Delifrance & had some light chat. Life After Married will never be boring, it can be "Pak Tor" all the time:)


Thursday, August 2, 2007

Year 2007 (Year of Piggie)

This year is started with good, then bad & worst...some may understand what am i talking about here. For those who don't, i choose not to elaborate here. No matter what, life still goes on & my piggie will always by my me. [Hubby is my Hero & my Family is my No.1 Supporter:)]


Our Wedding 11.11.2006


In Year 2006, we busy prepared our Wedding. The Wedding Night is memorable & I'm thankful to my Family since they were really helpful. Also grateful coz the invited Friends & Guests were all attended & gave us well wishes!


Year 2005

The Year 2005, we look for our own house & finally we found what we looking for. It's a lovely house...