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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Control In Spending


From young age, we were taught by parents not to over spend with our pocket money given weekly. They also explained to us the importance of money in living for the future especially when we are settled down. So I would make sure to spend carefully only on the necessary while the balance of money would put into my piggy bank. But it doesn't mean that I can't ask for my favourite toys, games and story books. My parents would buy for me as and when they felt it's time. I'm glad the way they arranged the expenses on kids and family as a whole. If one is not good at planning for a family of six, it's most probably go into bad debt thus seeking for Debt consolidation and other form of Debt relief is required.

Since working, I can enjoy buying whatever I like with my own earning. But my rules is that I must clear the balance showing in the credit card statement every month because the accumulated Credit card debt will send one to declare Bankruptcy. In terms of saving money, I'll bring my self-prepared lunch to office instead of buying one. I'm not going to cinema for movies too often but watching DVDs/VCDs at home. I enjoy my living as I'm debt free unlike some of my friends are eagerly looking for all sorts of Debt help and Consolidate debt. Anyway, you won't have to suffer in spending a penny a day if you consult to a professional like Bills IQ. Wish you luck!
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rafa Won Rogers Cup

I was happy when checking the result through Yahoo sport about Rafa has defeated Kiefer in the final yesterday morning. Although I knew the result, I watched the match where Astro showing repeat yesterday night. Playing with Kiefer is much easier than playing with Murray in Semi-final. Rafa won 6-3, 6-2 in a rather relax mood. Rafa is really shining in 2008 whereby he has overcome the obstacle in other surface of court, he is not only the king of clay! I think his greatest & happiest moment is to win against FedEx on grasscourt (which is FedEd most confidence & powerful venue) in Wimbledon last month. And now the gap of the ATP ranking is a mere 300 points (FedEx:6605 , Rafa:6305) which means the road for Rafa being crowned No.1 is very near indeed. I hope there are more success ahead for Rafa!


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Create A Free Forum Is Easy

For those who love discussions and exchanging ideas within a big group of online pals on a particular topic, I guess here is a very good opportunity for you to set up your own forum with Free Forum Hosting. Without installation of phpBB, fast servers, high bandwidth and it's absolutely FREE, there's no reason why you don't want to try right? Further information, one can access the forum through his or her own domain. You shouldn't be worry for any problem arises as their support team is strong and ready to assist anytime. Please visit and create your own forum now.

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Stay At Home

The sales is on now 'til 1st of September'08 at most of the major shopping complexes. I have bought quite some own stuffs during the sales which means I have spent some money in the mid of July. I think I need to stop spending too much as a way to control my budget and I'm going to Penang next month, so I'll prepare some money to spend there. So we decided not to go shopping today. Hubby is still sleeping on the bed, I won't wake him up before I have finished some chores. Because he is like a kid walking here and there while I'm mopping, I don't like that. It's like when I'm cleaning one minute here, he's messing around the next minute! We'll watch a DVD he bought in the afternoon with some snack. We'll watch 10,000 BC, I guess it's a good one. Anyone watched this? Is this a nice movie?...How do you spend your Sunday today?...


Video Clips Contest

Along blogging, I came across many interesting video clips posted on their blogs for sharing purpose. I'm so happy that many of my online pals are generous enough to share some of the hilarious one which really cheer me up when I'm dull. Before that, what I usually do is go searching a number of video clips at YouTube. But guess what? Most of those clips contain commercial value which lack of originality and I do not find myself enjoy at that. I was thinking the other day that if my friends upload their video clips in a contest, I'm sure they'll have a lot of viewers with some good comments too.

When I bumped into Viddiction, I'm glad that there's actually a place for anyone who loves editing their own videos to share their videos and take part in the competition at the same time. That's very simple, one needs to register to be a member before uploading their videos. You can upload as many as possible at the relevant categories. If your videos are popular, you'll get popularity points. And when all these points are accumulated, you could stand a chance to win cash prizes from $50-$500. Isn't it a very good opportunity to cash for videos. By the way, the video I enjoy a lot is this one, "Dog Playing With Birds" because I love seeing animals playing together and that's so natural.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Djokovic Is Out Too...

So Rogers Cup is sort of warm up match the players before going for the final Grand Slam of the year, US Open in year end. Yeah, I have forgotten to mention about Djokovic. This Serbian is a talented player who doesn't easily surrender. I believe the real combat will be between Rafa and Djokovic because they have their own capabilities with super strong stamina. But, Djokovic was defeated at early match and join FedEx, A-Rod & James Blake. Rafa will meet Murray, hope Rafa sailing smooth. I'm thinking will Rafa meets FedEx in Beijing Olympic Games in August?


Friday, July 25, 2008

Consult A Professional

For those who are affordable, I guess buying shares may not be a good option now in consideration of the poor economy performance lately. It's just inappropriate. How I'm admire to some of them have chosen to invest into a less risky one like buying gold bullions, gold ingots and silver bars much earlier. But it's never too late for long term investment if you are intended to invest on either one of that as mentioned above. What you need to do is to search for a reliable dealer like Monex Deposit Company who will consult you on the investment through their account representative. You should have trusted their professionalism since they are the leader and active in this business for more than 30 years!


FedEx Is Out (Again)

The Rogers Cup, Toronto is on. Yeah the name is Rogers Cup but it got nothing to do with Roger Federer! A day before the tournament is started, the media tried to put on the headline saying FedEx make a return. It's kind of pressure to the player who's going downhill, I guess. True enough, FedEx is defeated by Frenchman Gilles Simon who is ranked much lower than him! It's rare for FedEx to loss in the first round. I think he must be still haunted by the nightmare where he loss at his most favourite grass court in Wimbledon. It may be rather difficult for him to regain the confidence. Meanwhile, Boris Becker ( former champ) has already crowned Rafa as World #1 after analyzing the matches recently between FedEx & Rafa. There's one point I'm totally agreed with Boris Becker which is FedEx's skill is still remain there but the fact is that Rafa has improved a lot obviously! I'm not blindly agree to the positive point and credits given to my fav player but it's true if you have follow their play all these while, you'll know!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fight Against Alzheimer

It's painful to see the elderly who can't remember properly for most of the things even for those just happened in a short while ago. When age grows older, the cells in brain may be deteriorated. Therefore, they may start to loss some of the memories. Anyway, it doesn't mean that all of us will suffer for Alzheimer's disease when we reach the old age. Besides other factors, one's lifestyle is very much important in shaping his or her memories and the general health as a whole. I read some related articles saying that regular exercises, reading and take part in some social activities are good to keep our memory strong.

Let's us raise the awareness to fight against this disease by joining the Alzheimer's Memory Walk. The funds will be channeled to Alzheimer care, support and research. Type in your Zip code to search for the walk of 2-3 mile held on weekend morning. You can even form your own team. Go sign-up the walk for a good course now!

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Actually I'm glad and love the place for where I'm staying now for its quietness and not so packed with residents at this hilly housing area. But there are a couple of issues I just can't stop complaining. Why on earth the people is like this? I guess I have mentioned this long time ago but I think I'll keep updating whenever I see they have something new at their "community".

This green piece of land is initially planned to develop for a few bangalows according to the management office. (As the Developer is the same for all the projects/properties on this hill) Since the economy is so bad, the feedback is poor and the construction has been stopped for about 1 year plus. Thus, the Indon workers stay at the construction site in their "self -built houses". Their wood houses keep increasing and people they also growing. From a few guys there last time, I can see some women and some small children. They "cultivate" the land in planting papaya and sweet potatoes. At night, their houses are light-on! They have big tank of water to use some more...Why these illegal Indons can stay here as if they own the land and you think they need to pay for the electricity bill and water bill?...Sure no need right? So, they may not worry for any price increase in electricity! They can stay they peacefully without being disturbed by the police (just abt 2km away).

Hubby and I usually go for a jog at this slope. That's a very good one for climbing the slope and jogging. But, those Indons (in red circle) are so stupid sitting there to watch people exercising as part of the pastime recently. You know, they have nothing better to do. I saw them sitting there when we started to jog and when we came back after an hour plus, they were still there. What I hate the most was they made some irritating noise there as they thought they were watching performance shows. That's why I'll go for indoor exercise if hubby doesn't accompany me for a jog.

p/s: I'm complaining the particular Indon staying illegally there & no offenses to my Indonesia buddies and readers!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Football Updates

Besides watching tennis matches and F1 races on TV, we also love checking out other sports update at sport channels. If we follow all the live matches, I think we'll go crazy because watching tennis Grand Slam live alone has already spent a quarter of my day. For other sports like American Football, I'll usually go for football picks and college football picks to check for the results and latest news. All these can be found at addict sports's homepage.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Eating Out...

That was a particular Sunday in a couple of weeks ago, hubby and I had lunch at a restaurant nearby. This restaurant is not special but what we like is they have more variety of food and prices are reasonable too. I have mentioned this restaurant in my earlier post before. There are no deco and the woman boss there is extremely stingy. Tell you, she'll ask her staffs to off the air-con if there are lesser customers. Can you believe it? From the pix, can you see there's a number "3" WRITTEN on the table? I'm totally salute to her... she seems want to save money for buying even a number tag for the table!

Number "3" apart from the food!

Hubby's Sweet & Sour Fried Chicken Pan Mee Soup while mine is Sweet & Sour Fish Dried Pan Mee.


Do You Want To Look Cool?

Are you one of those love going disco or any dance parties in the weekend? If yes, sure you want dress up with something nice, hot and hip. Do not always put yourself into the old pair of jeans matching with shirts and blouses, you need to change to something really cool like rave clothing and ghast clothing. I'm totally in love with the stunning colour of UFO pants. I think I'll wear it for jogging. Please visit BeatDropsCloset to get one you like.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Miss Some Of Friends

Today when chatting with hubby after dinner, we mentioned about some of our old friends and old classmates. So we started to talk about those funny encounters during our school days. We still meet and seeing some of them but we do not keep in touch with so many of them. I guess this could be the fact of life somehow. We leading to different path of lifestyle so it's kind of difficult to going out together like before. Many of our friends are still single and going nightspots 'til early morning whereas we both prefer some rather slow pace of lifestyle, a quality one in other words. We like chilling out at cafes instead of pubs, watching movies instead of going for karaoke. How about you? Are you still meeting your good friends? Any changes to your lifestyle after married?...


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Check Out Zenni Optical

My colleague is wearing a pair of old glasses for almost 5 years. She said that she is kinda fed up with the old fashion of her glasses. She asked me where can she gets one with cheaper price and variety of choices. Since I have bumped into an optical through internet which selling Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni, I told her it's worth to visit for a glance. For anyone who's looking for economy glasses, here there are Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses. You can imagine how successful they are in optical business if you read Zenni Optical was on FOX news!


Lazy To Go

It was a very beautiful shower in the morning without any thunderstorm. It's so wonderful sleeping under the blanket with sweet dreams some more!...Especially when there's running nose, I'm very tired and lazy to get up from the bed. Why it's not Saturday today!!! I still want to catch up with some sleeps & don't wanna get up to brush teeth, get dressed and make-up. Agrrrr...I need coffee, coffee...please help! Hope things going smooth later & don't wanna mess up with everything. And it seems the clock showing about 1pm to me, so fast huh? Alright, no more running nose. Must eat a bit more since it's so hungry after so much sneezing. Only those with sensitive nose will understand this I guess...


Free Download For Dungeon Runners


My hubby is a real fan for many online games but I'm so poor in controlling the buttons while playing games. Even my 5-year old niece can play much better than me. I'm feeling so shameful of myself somehow. But I don't think I'm that bad so I search for free games from time to time while I'm surfing internet alone. I believe practicing more on free games can enhance my skill eventually. Do you know what have I found and playing frequently now? I'm sure you too will be equally attracted by Dungeon Runners with its colourful background and 3D graphic.

Especially if you enjoy playing something with fantasy, adventurous and in the realm of magic, this games is therefore designed for you! Your role is either being the Fighter, Mage or Ranger to battle the giant monsters and discover the incredible weapons, artifacts and loot. No matter you're going all alone or teaming up with online buddies, sure you'll be aided by Bling Gnome, a super helper in picking up all the gold dropped on the ground. This little man is capable to turn other dropped items into gold while poop out an ultra-powerful item. Pretty cool huh? Get the free download now at and see how Bling Gnome is helping you.

See my Bunny Gnome with his jewelries around and he is holding a basket for more gold!
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It's Still In Progress...

It's been quite some time both hubby and I haven't go for a swim at the swimming pool in our condo. It's nothing to do with laziness but it has been closed for more than three months, I guess. So when I went to the management office to pay for the service fees a couple of weeks ago, I asked what is actually happened to the swimming pool? The building manager said that there'll be a minor re-construction to the pool since there's a minor defect at a particular corner leading the pool started to sink! Is that so serious?...If it's for safety purpose, everyone is agree for the re-construction undoubtedly. But since it's a minor project, why it's still sitting there so long without any works done (it seems)? I guess all constructions in this country no matter a huge or minor one are the same in terms of taking ages to complete.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm Excited For Sci-Fi Story


Since young age, I enjoyed reading and watching many sci-fi stories and movies. Some people think those are far from reality and its only value is a myth playing in our imagination at most. I agree to the extent that most of them appear to us as a myth at the end of the day but I love the exposure of some very interesting and creative stories which open up our mind to think the possibilities of it happens in real life one day. Despite that, I'll usually start pressing my head imagining myself in a scene shown in the movie and thinking what am I gonna do if I were the particular character. The movies bring me such imagination are Journey To The Center Of The Earth, The Langolias and The Island.

I guess I'll soon be fascinated by another one by just listening to the podcast of the Leviathan Chronicles's first episode. The plot is about a young genetic scientist , Macallan Orsel has discovered the secret of immortality which claimed to be a reality. Unfortunately, it's been misused by some irresponsible one for power, control and supremacy. Macallan has to learn the key hidden in her DNA while searching another secret kept for over thousand years under the ocean for the benefit of all mankinds. I guess the character of Jason Sterling could move the story into a more exciting level as his mission is to bring the immortals down. If you find this is interesting too, make sure your PC audio function is workable and start listening to all the chapters while doing your chores!
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I Like This Oldie Singer

If you have following my blog all these while, you'll know that I love listening to Alternative Rock/Slow Rock most of the time. Those bands/singers who always on my playing list would be U2, Sting, David Bowie & Cranberries. Their songs are so powerful especially U2. But, I'll listening to some other songs like Classical, Vocal, Folk Songs, Jazz. (Jazz/Blues is my least favourite usually because their rhythm is too slow which will bring me into some unhappy memories...)

To my surprise, I'm quite addicted to a Chinese pop songs which is a duet by an Oldie singer, Fei Yue Ching and the sensation singer, Jay Chow. If this is a Jay Chow's song, I won't bother to listen at all because I am not a fan to all the Taiwanese & Hong Kong young singers as I don't catch what are they singing & there are really meaningless in the lyrics. Talking about Fei Yue Ching, he is my mom's fav singer too. He sung theme songs for many Taiwanese drama series in early and late 80s. I like this one (deducted the part of Jay Chow). Let's us enjoy the video clip:-


Friday, July 11, 2008

You Want High Speed Internet?

I guess for all those intensive internet users surely get frustrated when the broadband connection if going slow during the time we need to access to a particular information online. When I'm too fed up, I'll just turn off everything even if the uploading is incomplete. But I can't leave it like this forever, I want switching to a reliable cum high-speed internet like Charter internet. With the reasonable price of $14.99/month, we can enjoy their high speed up to 5mbps which is 90X faster than 56kps dial-up and 3X of 1.5mbps DSL. It has automatic protection from viruses, hackers and spam besides 10 email accounts provided. Other content includes news, weather updates, movie listings and many more. Go get order online now and you can have a Shell Gift Card worth $25 free!
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Our Country Is Dirty!...

According to my mom that the Chinese paper reported yesterday that most of our people here are still do not bother to clean up the surrounding like water taps, kitchen towels, toilet flooring and others. Well, I'm totally agree with the said report from what I saw in my daily routine. Tell you, I'm very angry with those joggers spitting on the road while we are all jogging on the same trail! Do you see the plate/bowls that contain food in some foodcourts, there are stain on it. And I saw once that they don't care that pick up the spoon from the floor (spoon accidentally feel on the floor) and put inside the noodle soup and serve to the customers. Hello Malaysian, why you are so dirty?


Traffic Issue Can Be Resolved

No matter you're a newbie in blogging or a pro blogger, we all need one thing in common which is a heavy flow of traffic directed into our blogs. Without a certain level of traffic is like a dead end at the blog because it won't grow far from what you have started in the beginning. I see some of my blogger buddies have pull out themselves because they are upset with such a low readership gained even they have spent like years time into writing some undoubtedly interesting posts to attract more visitors. Unfortunately, those efforts are in vain due to the fact that the potential readers just do not aware there's such a blog in the first place!

Thanks to the creative people behind scene in coming up with an useful tool named TrafficXplode2.0 specializing in helping to increase traffic. There are not much instructions as I found it's indeed an easy and user-friendly application. Besides, those free hosted blogs like mine here can also install the said software. A special feature of this tool is worth a mention, it enables the users to invite readers to their blogs through emails and social networking like Facebook, Frienster, Hi5 and others whereas the visitors will be given a personalized message in telling them the benefit in exchanging friends into each other blogs too. This is an interesting way to boost the traffic. Do fill in the form available at to explore deeper with the give-away Ebook and Report.

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What Happen?...

I guess there must be problems encountering now by Social Spark. The page just can't turn properly or the page can't be loaded properly. I have just reserved for a couple of opps but I can't start to write now!!! Very frustrated...What's the problem? I can't wait too long today as I'm damn sleepy now & I don't want to drink any coffee just for the sake of writing p.posts. I'm wondering anyone experience the same thing or it's just me alone?...Oh's seems back to normal now. I gotta do it fast before my eyes showing protest against me.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Baby Can Learn A Lot

That's so wonderful to see little babies learn to crawl, walk, imitate adults' talking and reading. Don't ever think it's too early or putting so much of pressure to teach your baby as I have read some articles saying that a baby's brain cell is very active and acting like a sponge to absorb any new thing exposed to them. In relation to this, of course parents are needed to apply the appropriate approach and utilizing the reading materials which are suitable according to the a baby's age. Many parents today are mistakenly throwing all books to their babies hoping they may become a baby genius later. I must say a wrong method applied in teaching will worsen the whole process or it gives baby a rather tough learning experience.

It's so amazing to see baby Felicity doing so well from the tender age of 12 months. She can understand the words like " clap, toes, point..." when her daddy writes on the board. She recognizes not only English but Mandarin combined in the flash cards. She has shown a great interest in reading story book at 2.5 years old without much help of her parents. So please don't just admire some friends' babies doing good in learning, your baby can do it and may be one smart baby too. It's not entirely a gifted skill but this is all about the right way in teaching and guiding. You may follow through flash card method, multi-sensory method and whole words vs. phonics. Other than that, you must be patient and give your baby a break in between!
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I Love Workouts...

I have mentioned that I bought a few VCDs for indoor workout in my earlier post right?...Having followed the steps for approx. a week or so, I feel so great! I think their steps can help build a stronger joint and stamina of course. And sweating all over the body is my love for doing exercise. I hope those workouts are able to burn up the fats and give the flabby arms, tummy and thighs a good bye kiss! I shall add in some other steps too so I'll look for other VCDs/DVDs when I go shopping. Just a note here, Denise Austin is a great workout trainer. She designed those steps easily followed by the audience.


More U2 Collectibles


When one enjoys listening to those songs by the particular singer or band, I'm sure he or she will therefore started to pay attention in awaiting their new release of albums, Well, I'm no exception to this after I got know U2, the Irish Alternative Rock Band with their many powerful songs. I must thank my brother who bought the very first album U2 War where I was listening to New Years Day and Sunday Bloody Sunday over and over until I can memorized those meaningful lyrics. From then, I started to collect U2 CDs and DVDs especially their live concerts around the world.

Looking at what I have owned so far in my collection, there are mainly from the 90s. I desperately wanted to have something special from U2 but I would like those older one which I believe it difficult to find such Rare Vinyl Records and Memorabilia in the local CD shops or shopping complexes. When I surfing through internet, I'm so happy that this U2 Interview Picture Disc Set is so special to me. It featuring the close-up image of each member. I don't want to miss this as it's in mint condition and this is the last copy! So if anyone of you is looking for rare CDs, rare vinyl records or even the tour packs should stop-by because there are the best resort for all these special items.
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Isn't It Cute?


I'm a bit boring this afternoon so I find a photo from the folder to edit according to my preference. What are you doing in the office normally when there's free time for some time? You can't chat with your colleagues so freely right in front of the boss/ I'm doing this as if I'm doing my work with my PC. I'm wearing a tiara while hubby wearing a crown. I'll do something cute for other photos too in the future if time permits. When I showed it my younger niece, she was excited and asked me where to buy the tiara? She said she has never seen me wearing a tiara before. Anyway, she knew that hubby's crown is a fake one. Oh yeah it's pretty obvious right? Do you think it's cute after a little works in editing?...


Glenn Beck Is On Tour

I'm wondering if you will be enlighten by the jokes. I do love watching or listening to some funny one to rejuvenate my mind especially after a hectic day in office. My principle is one will doing well in both career and personal life only if one's body and mind is relax to prepare any challenges of the day. It's worth spending my time with the brainy stand-up comedian like Glenn Beck who is creative in playing around not only limited to casual topics in lifestyle but the more serious one in current events and politics. There are no plain laughing but open up our mind to think for the issues concerned. That's the value in every Glenn Beck's show although I may not agree to some of his views. Go check out his personal blog and the stu show blog too. Take note for his coming Summer Comedy Tour, Beck'08 Unelectable on July, 17th at 8:00pm in selected movie theatres nationwide.

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Rafa Is Newly Crowned

Rafa is daddy's sweetest boy! Even FedEx's dad is applauding (wearing red cap in left) after his son loss to the opponent...

The Wimbledon final this time is really a remarkable match between the two GLADIATORS. Both Rafa & FedEx forced themselves into the maximum level in terms of skill, energy and will power most importantly. Watching this kind of match will never let you down while I believe my heart beat is pumping much faster than normal when reaches to both tie-break! The value in both players showed is something we all should have learned to apply in life which is NEVER GIVE UP! One can make it a change with full fighting spirit like Rafa did, Rafa is truly a Fighter especially in the tough matches like Wimbledon final. Bravo to his first Wimbledon title and wishing more to come!


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Great Deal...

Besides going for jog in the weekend, I also add in some indoor workouts into my routine because I just love the feeling of sweating out a lot! The feeling is like very healthy after sweating and go for a warm bath is fantastic. So far I'm doing indoor workout without a proper guidance, all from my previous experience still fresh in my mind. But I think I want to do it in a correct way and achieving the most ideal effect. Thus, I started to hunt for those workout steps DVD/VCD in different video shops when go shopping.
I was so happy to find the hot deal in Speedy just in time. They are selling variation of VCDs with "RM10 for 3 VCDs". Yeah, Speedy has such kind of promotion from time to time. I have bought some concert DVDs last time with half price deal which means just about RM59.90. I love the steps by Kathy Smith for burning fats in thighs and buns. After following the complete steps, my lower part of the body is so exhausted but this is a good sigh I think. I hope there could be some result shown later. Both Paula Abdul's Get Up and Dance & Denise Austin's Blast are sealed unopened yet but I'm sure I'll enjoy following all of them! Yahoooo....

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Jobs In Beauty Care

People are willing to spend more money on all sorts of personal health care and beauty care nowadays. Reason is simply they appreciate the importance of general health in living whereas a pleasant appearance is so much a boost to our confidence especially for those who need to deal with all walks of life in their routine. Due to this, there are plenty of vacancies in the field of health and beauty care filling up in the current market at large. BeautyJobs is one of them who offering the related jobs through their newly launched online job search engine specially in the beauty industry. So, those who are seeking for jobs in salon, beauty, spajobs or other cosmetology jobs, go log-on and you will be matched with the relevant potential employers.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

We Were There...

I was eagerly wanted to go for the carousel behind me but I didn't because there were only kids on the ride...

Oh yeah, I have promised that I will update our visit to the Fun Fair right?...That was a very interesting night that we both having fun just like any small kids running wild especially my hubby because he had never been to Fun Fair when he was a kid last time. We quickly got ourselves prepared to go after dinner. There were just two entrance opened for the parking bay, we were touring the place like never been there. Shameful not to ourselves but to the organizer for giving such inconveniences to the visitors.

Entrance fee for adult costs RM3.00 and all the games are priced differently. We gotta buy token to proceed with it. It was not cheap tell you. One token is RM2.00 and most of the games need at least 2 tokens. Honestly, it was not worth it form the monetary point of view. Anyway, we were there to feel the childhood again!

On Board the Ferris Wheel. That was a windy night hanging in the air...

Will your imagination going back to the childhood whenever you see the Ferris Wheel?...I do...

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How Do You Want Your Victory Hair?

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Do you still going party? Well, I rarely go for one now except to my little nieces and nephew birthday parties. Anyway, I have one unforgettable experience while attended our sales celebration party organized by the sales department quite some time ago. All the attendees must be creative enough to go with our own description of Victory Hair. We were all stunned a while before went on to discuss and exchange the idea on the hairstyling as requested. Since the organizer was so generous in giving away the fabulous prizes for the winners, many of my colleagues even hired a stylist to come up with the most impressive effect.

That was indeed an interesting night seeing so many of them willing to turn themselves imitating the hairstyle of the celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis. Me who get used to keep a low profile didn't over do for my hair as I was worry that people might laugh at me. So I was going in a rather causal and neat one as what I usually want for my style but smartly applied Extreme Style by VO5 had got myself won in the casual looking category! So this is all about playing smart in flirting at the end. If you're curious too, copy and paste the widget provided into your own blog. Invite your readers to play this Ultimate Flirting Championship with you and hope your skill in flirting could be polished after that!

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Bravo Rafa, pump it!

Oh I must be getting more crazy to the tennis matches. I stayed up to 3am in the morning to catch Rafa's match! Blamed to the rain delayed and causing all the matches are forced to delay as a result. But how can I explained my excitement dancing in my body & soul?... Everyone thought I'm insane. No No No...they are many crazy soccer fans do the same thing for World Cup, Euro Cup and even the EPL matches right? So I'm still "normal" in the crazy fans perspective! Anyway, that's worth it to see Rafa sailed into Semi-final. He is absolutely the fast and furious to challenge FedEx! Best wishes to Rafa!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Where To Eat?

What is more relaxing and enjoyable than going travel abroad every year without worry about the expenses right? Different people will have their personal preferences as some love to spend on shopping, visiting historical buildings, experiencing others cultural events and the list just goes on. For me, I think my vacation is incomplete without trying some good food. Tell you, I'm such a crazy over those food and beverages I have tried. I'll note down my opinion, feeling and I even rated them just like a food critic. I guess my love for food has bugged my hubby too because whenever we go for even a short trip, the first thing we gonna do is to check the places to eat before go on to make hotel reservation.

Our planning for some abroad traveling has been called off for time being as we think it's a need to save some money looking at the fact that the cost of living has increased tremendously. So what I usually do in my spare time is to check the places for vacations and places to dine in Globe Trekker besides surfing on internet. Yeah I'm currently addicted to my "virtual trip" and searching the information on traveling Manchester, an old city of UK. I was so wrong to think that there must be only variety of English cuisines available in the city. Browsing more on manchester restaurants, eating out, I'm sure you'll be surprised to figure out the wide range of choices awaiting you there. Of course I'll be enjoying myself in Manchester's China Town where set menus and all you can eat deals are among the hot deals. If you're curry lover, a visit to Curry Mile is a must. Some authentic Spanish eateries are great for a proper meals and chilling at tapas. If you're affordable, there's no reason not going for fine dining in Spinningfields. It would be good idea to mingle with the beautiful people at pubs and bars at night. So, there are so much you can try if you stop-by Manchester.
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Child At Heart

My elder niece told me that her dad brought her and her family to the nearby fun fair and she asked me whether or not I knew there's such a fun fair. My routine to and flo to home usually does not passing that particular place so I was not aware of the fun fair. She even told me that she met with my little nephew with my big brother & sis in-law. Oh I refreshed my mind thinking those days when I was little, my parents brought me to fun fair too playing ferris wheel, carousel and others. That was so much fun when I won some candies and chocolates in the games. You know what? My hubby said we are going there to enjoy tonight! See my update later to catch up with what we have done there ok, see ya!


It's No Longer A Myth

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I'm Busy Again...

Opps...sorry I'm slow in updating and didn't hop to most of your blogs these days. As the tittle suggests, I'm busy in catching up with the tennis matches in Wimbledon Open. When happy to see Rafa playing well today. He really made me scare because he fell down and medical treatment was needed in the beginning of 1st set. I was worry that it affect his performance but to the contrary, his injury in the foot didn't stop him winning the game. He won in straight set against Mikhail Youzhny. Rafa seems improved a lot on grass and hope he can safely sail into semi-final and final! We'll see...

So I hope you guys will understand my excitement on the on-going matches. Sure I'll get back to normal when the Grand Slam is over this weekend. See you!

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