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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Good Chance To Win A Laptop

Do you need a laptop? Or perhaps your kids are nagging you to buy one for them for their school assignments purposes? I guess this is the golden opportunity for you to get one free through "Charter Laptop-a-Day Giveaway" if you are lucky enough. Yes, Charter is running the back to school specials event whereby a laptop will be given to 30 lucky winners in 30 days. This is not any laptop but HP Compaq Presario C770US.

Below is the specifications of the said laptop:-
- Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core Processor
- 15.4" WXGA Screen
- 2GB RAM -160GB hard drive
- DVD Burner
- Built in Wi-Fi and Ethernet
- Plus a NEOtec Laptop Backpack

Oh yeah, you may want to know how to win the laptop right? All you need to do is simply purchase one of three Charter service online as follows:-
- Charter High-Speed® Internet at $19.99/mo for 6 months; or
- Charter Digital Home™ and High-Speed Internet at $69.98/mo for 6 months; or
- Charter Digital Home™, High-Speed Internet, and Charter Telephone® at $99.97/mo. for 12 months.

So that you'll be qualified automatically to stand a chance to win the laptop as mentioned earlier which worth more than $600. If the luck is not with you, don't be upset as you won't going home with empty hand because a free Shell gas gift card value up to $100 is guaranteed to be given provided that you order online. You may log-in to to check with the complete Charter Laptop a Day Sweepstakes rules. Wish you all the best!
Sponsored by Charter Communications


Catching Up With US Open

Yeah, I like today because I can catch those tennis matches without people disturbing me! Hubby went out to work so that I watch it with all the shouts and scolding (Oh, I did that too even hubby is at home! But I feel I'm totally free if I'm watching alone!) I didn't see FedEx play but I manage to catch a later one playing between A-Rod and Gulbis. After some years, A-Rod game is still the same ie. big serve, minimum running and many "in front of net" play. His skill is stagnant while the opponent is not bad. A-Rod wins is not because he is great but he wins from his experience. May want to catch some women games but I think I'm gonna sleep for a while first! Ciao people!!!


You Shouldn't Doubt On iLasik

There are numerous eye problems but some very common one being the nearsighted, farsighted and astigmatism. We must be thankful to the advance in LASIK technology whereby those eye sight problems may now be solved in the most effective, safe, fast and painless procedure. By now, many people are convinced by this treatment in reshaping the cornea. But you may not aware that there is a newer version developed from the original Lasik technology called iLasik which promises a better performance overall to the patients.

If you are searching more on LASIK information, you'll find out that Lasik has been approved by both Department of Defense and NASA for their service personnel recently. Thus, the all-laser form of Lasik has improved the vision of those who facing extreme and physically demanding conditions. According to a retired US Navy Captain, Dr. Steven Schallhorn that Lasik exceeds the established standards of safety ans effectiveness.

With regards to iLasik procedure, it uses two lasers where the wave-front technology maps the unique characteristics of one's eyes at the first stage. It's followed by a corneal flap with computer guided laser as opposed to the handheld microkeratome blade performed in the older method. Finally, the second laser with wave-front mapping data guided for vision correction. iLasik is clinically proven for excellent safety and the evaluation shows 95% in 100 military personnel achieved 20/20 vision or better. There's no reason to doubt about this modern Lasik if you're furnished with the necessarily accurate information as discussed above.

Sponsored by iLASIK


Rafa, Newly Crowned King

Yeah, I'm so happy to see my favourite tennis player, Rafa is now ranked No. 1 after the winning in Beijing Olympic Games recently. (I read that he has enough points to become World #1 even if he failed in that final playing with Gonzalez) I guess the Gold medal for him is very meaningful as he is confirmed to be ranked#1 after that. But some fanatic FedEx supporters claimed that Rafa can't survive long in this ranking. When one is successful, there are people happy but there are some other people critique at the same time too. So, let Rafa games tell the truth. Anyway, I believe that he has beaten FedEx at Wimbledon (FedEx's favourite venue) has proven Rafa's skill and proficiency.


Friday, August 29, 2008

Boring Of The Same Old Recipes?

My favourite dish serving for my dinner is seafood especially fish. Since we were small kids, my mum used to cook at least one seafood dish for us. Last time we only understood that seafood can provide a good source of protein and iodine which is important for our general health. But for now, we aware that the special element found in seafood called DHA is essential for our body even for the small baby. Although it's a very good food for health, we must practice to eat that moderately because consuming too much of seafood will increase the level of cholesterol. So, we stream down to eating more on fishes now.

Mum will always look for different recipes through cook books. I'm not a good cook but I love to searching for some creative cooking online and tell my mum to follow that. I think we are very lucky to have my mum as the chef of the family because she is brave enough to take the challenges in preparing a new dish eventhough that's not a simple one. I'm so glad that I have bumped into where I discovered some mouth-watering seafood dishes by the American chefs. I askes my mum to come in front of the PC and we both decided to try one of our favourite dish from a finalist in Great American Seafood cook off 2008. We both have chosen Pan Roasted Glazed Rockfish with Peas and Carrots created by Chef Tafari Campbell from Maryland as our special dish tonight. We'll alter that with potatoes instead of peas and carrots. By the original sauce and other ingredients, it's definitely suit our taste! And yeah, using the domestic seafood is best for its freshness and the great taste is preserved.

Besides looking for new recipes, you can vote for your favourite one to stand a chance to win a trip to New Orleans prize package which includes air flight, hotel accommodations, dining and other cool prizes. Act fast before the contest is closed!

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Stopped For A While...

It's been sometime about 2-week I didn't blog at all. I know there are some buddies missed me, hehehe... I'm fine, no worry. I was just lazy after came back from a short trip to Penang. It's a family trip and going to Penang is always exciting for me although I have been there for many times. After that, I was a bit busy with works and then busy catching up with tennis matches again at US Open ( the last Grand Slam of the year). Those matches are playing at night-early morning (local time). So, I hope you understand the reason for my absent in blogsphere recently but I'm not quitting definitely!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Durian Story

I think most Malaysian love eating Durian a.k.a The King of Fruits unlike some foreigners who are not get used to the strong smell will hate it. But I find that many Westerners now are brave enough to try when they come visiting our country. During the time when I was a small girl, I love to eat Durian very much just like my parents and my eldest brother. We used to take Durian for dinner instead of the usual rice & dishes. There was one time, I guess I over-ate Durian and my body was heaty like boiling in the middle of night. When wake up the other day in the morning, I was having fever!

It's still very fresh in my mind 'til now. That's the horrow phobia...and I stopped eating Durian from then. Many many years later, I have the craving for it about 2 weeks ago. And it's a co-incidence that my parents bought some Durians and asked us to eat together. I won't repeat the same silly mistake like before, I took just a little bit & it's great! The taste I like is that with bittersweet a bit like alcohol. Lesson to my readers: Don't over-eat the food you love very much, it may go to the adverse effect and you may stop eating it for years!


Friday, August 8, 2008

Windows Vista Is Great

Not only we need computer to carry out our daily tasks at work but almost everyone needs it with a desktop or laptop at home today. Some want a PC for entertainment center like my hubby but I need it to complete my outstanding job, doing some relevant researches besides blogging. I believe a reliable Operating System is very important for the entire smooth running especially for those heavy users in business. Thus far, Microsoft is the user-friendly one which we have confidence in using it for decades whether at work or at home without giving us much troubles.

The transition from Windows XP to Windows Vista is rather a challenge initially but it's very impressive undoubtedly with the nice display and Direct X 10 feature. But the main reason why our boss decided to upgrade to Windows Vista is it offers a much better and stronger security as compared to Windows XP or any other lower versions of course. Since there are a lot of private and confidential data in sending and storing as part of our routine, our IT manager has recommended that Windows Vista is the best so far in buffering spyware. By the time when Windows Vista is launched, we knew that it's incompatible with many software and other devices but this problem has been solved gradually whereby most of the popular software like Adobe, McAfee, Symantec and Trend Micro are compatible with it now.

A special footnote: anyone who purchase new PC with Windows Vista Business or Windows Vista Ultimate from July 1 to September 30 will be offered Windows Vista Small Business Assurance free phone support. (Monday-Friday, 10am-7pm Pacific time) They are all specially-trained support agents, so any inquiries should be answered.

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Oh Man, This Is Small!...

I'm wondering whether this is same at your place?... Ok, I'm talking about the size of the fried chicken from KFC. One evening, my hubby bought a set of KFC as he was craving for it since we didn't eat that for so long already. We happily brought in the packet and handed it to me (I waited him at home) and he went into the washroom to wash legs and hands before started to eat. When I opened it, to my surprise...the drumstick and the chicken breast are very small! It just couldn't satisfy hubby's craving and I'm sure it can't stuff your stomach if you're in real hungry!

Isn't that look small?!...

This cheesy wedges are quite yummy but very thirsty after eating...