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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Check Out This Contest

There were so much fun for both my youngest niece, Qian and myself having attendeda baking class last month. Actually that was supposed her mum going with her but my sister in-law was busy so I was going with the sweetie voluntarily. I find this is an innovative way to nurture the love to the kids while the kids enjoyed playing it too. The unforgettable moment for us was during the special session in preparing a bowl of ice cream to our loved one. Our unique decorations won us the most creative award and Qian brought home a box of her favourite chocolate ice cream.


From then on, I'm searching any ice cream related games or contests online. I came across this Awesome Cold Stone Contest rather impressive with its prize money as much as $30,000 for the winner despite other cool prizes. Create your signature ice cream with the ingredients available at any Cold Stone Creamery and don't forget to name it nicely. Let your friends and family try it out and vote for you online. Those with highest votes will be moving forward to the next round until the deadline on December 31, 2008. You have ample time to get more votes because the result will be released in January 2009. But to my disappointment, only US residents (including Guam & Puerto Rico) aged between 13 and 19 are allowed which means both my niece and I could not participate. If you're interested and qualified, apply now at and check for other rules and regulations.

Sponsored by Cold Stone Creamery


Friendly Blogger Award

It's been awhile not getting any awards so I'm happy to receive this Friendly Blogger Award from my good buddy, Jo-N. I'm glad to know that she thinks I'm a friendly blogger, truly appreciate that! You're good friend to me too Jo!


Friday, May 30, 2008

Check Out In Plain Sight

For those fans of crime and action drama like me, please stay tune for this USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight which will be shown on June 01st,2008. In just two more days ok?! This is involving the lead actress, Mary Shannon who is a US Marshal in her daily job to take care of the important witnesses under the Federal Witness Protection Program. She has a great partner to work along, named Marshall Mann. They may not be agreeing to each other's views most of the time but they can get the cases solved together at the end of the day. In Mary's personal life, you may find some interesting and funny persons like Jinx and Brandi (Mary's mother and younger sister) whose I believe are giving much trouble to her. With her commitment to the job, she is spending less time with her on-and-off boyfriend, Raphael. Yeah, please look at the photo provided above carefully and tell me later where is this photo taken in the drama? This is to test you whether or not you have a pair of sharp eyes which required in a Marshal. No, it's just playing for fun!

Sponsored by USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight


Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's Here, Yeah!

When I went to my parents' place for dinner as usual and there were two parcels lying on the sofa waiting me. (actually I knew it in the afternoon as my mum called me about it) So these are actually the gift pack (shall I call it gift pack?...) for the review posts written earlier: Danity Kane and The Rookie: Day 3 Extraction. I must say thank you to the wonderful woman, Elina behind BDMM who is working so hard and giving me such lovely opportunity to share my review. Here sharing the pix with you all:-

~Danity Kane~
Danity Kane CD, Degree Girl Deodorant and Vaseline Cocoa Butter (both Unilever products). I'm going to listen the CD later. Oh yeah, there's another CD add to my collection now.

~The Rookie: Day 3 Extraction~
2 sets of Degree Men Deodorant. The smell is very refreshing. Even my hubby who doesn't like using deodorant also booked one from me. So, the other three I'll distribute to my father and brothers.

I'm so happy to receive the gifts today and looking forward to contribute my idea for the projects in future!


Do You Upgrade Your PC?

Since I studied at primary, I took extra computer classes after school twice in a week. So, I have been using computer for many years yet this machine appears to be something stranger to me by looking at the technical perspectives. That is a little upset to me somehow because I do need to rely on others whenever there are problems arise pertaining to the PC in office and at home except for the simple one I can handle it myself. When my colleague, the graphic designer said he wanted to add the new Apple Memory & MAC RAM, I take a look at his MAC PC and I almost fainted as it's rather complicated to me.

At home, I'm lucky to have a FOC personal PC guy ie. my hubby who takes care of every trouble I encountered. I seldom touch his desktop PC because I'm using my notebook most of the time. My hubby, the audio visual mania has turned his PC becomes an entertainment hub which is mainly on games and movies. Thus, buying parts for his needs is quite frequent. He told me that he wanted both 2gb Memory Upgrade and PC3200 DDR400 SDRAM Upgrade for better performance. No matter how powerful it'll be, I'll stick to my own notebook for surfing websites and doing some paperworks.


Do You Get Enough Sleep?...

I think this test is very accurate in judging me as sometimes don't get enough sleep, and I'll be very very sleepy in the afternoon at office. You know, when there's sometimes very quiet I mean not an active operation in the office, I may fall asleep anytime. During such situation, I need some caffeine although I try to reduce the intake of it! If you're sleepy but you can't sleep for any particular reason, what do you do in order to keep yourself awake?...

You Sometimes Don't Get Enough Sleep

You're often more tired than you'd like, and you're probably not getting enough quality sleep.

Sleeping a little more could make you a lot more energetic and happy.

Try having a bedtime, keep your bedroom cool, and only eat fruit before bed.


Ice Cream And Contest


Ice cream temptation is simply irresistible and lovable for everyone. Am I right to say so? Many people relate ice cream to ladies' favourite but I think it's inaccurate because most of my male colleagues will join us ladies to chill out at the ice cream place nearby the office like every Friday night before going home. It's so funny and sort of incredible but it's true to tell that our love for ice cream has strengthened the relationship among us who worked in the same department indirectly. Besides understand each other better, we know each other's taste very well now. They won't forget I want a scoop of Ram Raisin and another scoop of Strawberry Banana!

For US residents (including Guam and Puerto Rico), you are the lucky lot because you can participate in this Awesome Coldstone Contest via application at without any purchase required. So there you go to test your creativity in making your signature ice cream with all the ingredients provided at any Cold Stone Creamery. To enhance your creation and the chances for your friends to try it, you have to think of a nice name for the masterpiece. Friends and family need to vote online and those who have most voted will move on to the next rounds until the deadline on December 31, 2008 before the winners to be announced in January 2009. Check out the link above for the fabulous prizes and their rules and regulations but please don't be upset that this contest is only opened to the participants aged between 13 and 19!

Sponsored by Coldstone Creamery


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tag : Friends Around The World

I got this tag from Shern's Mom and Anne. Thanks for thinking me for the tag gals!

1. Copy from ::Start Copy Here:: through ::End Copy Here::.

2. Add your blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs. Just make sure to post this to each of the blog you added in the list.

3. Tag other online friends you know.You don’t need to be tag in order to join. If you want to join just post this one in your blog.

4. Let me know your blog’s name and url by leaving me a comment HERE. I will add you to the master list.That way, everyone is happy and can meet new friends too!

5. Come back once in a while to get the master list! Let’s see how this makes our Technorati and PR goes up! :D 6. DO NOT REMOVE THIS: scrap page made by Yen. Using alphas and tapes from Kate H., flowers from Ida,paper by Catrine.

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> I'm tagging a new buddy, Kimmie.


Manga Fan Must See This

Here is another must see movie for manga fans, Bleach the Movie:Memories Of Nobody to be shown on both June 11th and June 12th, 2008 at 7:30pm. You just need to enter your zip code to buy tickets at the selected theatres. The summary of this story is about "Blank", an unidentified beings appear to the world whereas Senna, the Soul Reaper tries to get rid of it. Later, Ichigo and Rukia discovered more of the menacing clan wanted to kidnap Senna and trying to destroy both the World Of The Living and The Soul Society. I'm thinking if there's an add-on character named Dead Walker who upholds the law in this movie would be more exciting!

Sponsored by NCM Fathom


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weird Weather

The weather in our country is always unpredictable. It can be terribly hot the whole day for many days consecutively. If that's the case, I can be very moody because I hate hot. I can bear with the cold but no no no for hot! I hate when get out from the bed and come out from the room, there's a wide sunshine greeting me straight from the balcony. Sweating in the early morning will just spoil my mood towards the day. That's the reason I have to stock up my favourite drinks in the fridge so that to drink it at night is refreshing. You can see my favourite drinks are Pokka Green Tea, Lipton Iced Lemon Green Tea and Red Tea. And the two red bottle are containing herb tea that my mum made for us. I like drinking a lot and some delicious soup too...When I bought this back from Jusco, the weather these few days changed to be cooler in the evening and some shower rain at night. So, the drinks still keep in the fridge now for time being. What do you like to drink in the hot day, can share with me?...


Monday, May 26, 2008

A Perfect Ink Cartridges Supplier

Recalling those days when I worked as a junior administrative executive in the old firm years back were quite pressure because my then immediate superior liked to keep an eye on my every move in delivering the designated tasks. Most of you have gone through this stage in your career right? I understand she was doing what she supposed to do but I felt it was annoying somehow when she nagged me for printing extra copies of documents unintentionally. She said it wasted a lot of ink in the dell printer cartridges. When printing some in-office use documents, she would make sure I used the "draft" function in printer so that the ink printed on paper would be lighten and it saves in long run. Although no one going to control on printing now, I have get used to saving inks coupled with the facts of high pricing in buying epson ink cartridges from the local supplier even ordered in bulk.


I've stopped applying the re-fill ink method to my Canon printer at home because of the poor quality but changing canon ink cartridges monthly really cost me a thing. I have no choice because quality of ink is vital to me as I need to work on some paperworks at home most of the time. Thus, I need a good supplier like Pacific Ink who convinced their customers with hassle free guarantee besides the much lower cost for the ink cartridges for most of the popular brands. They will replace the cartridges or refund within 65 days if we are not satisfied with the quality. On the other hand, we will be replaced with a printer or reimbursed for the fees in repairing the printer if a licensed technician confirmed the ink cartridge from them is the root of the problem. I find this is interesting as we seldom get supplier offers such guarantee. As for prices, they will fully refund us the differences for the same product if it's cheaper from others. (This doesn't apply to OEM cartridges) I've found what I'm looking for because I believe Pacific Ink offers the best deal ever as far as ink cartridges are concerned.

Sponsored by Pacific Ink Cartridges


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dora Merchandise

Yeah!...You see what have I bought just now?...It's a Dora file case. I just couldn't resist myself to grab it into my cart once I saw it on the shelf at the stationary section. Of course not forgetting to buy one in Strawberry Short Cake for my elder niece and another Dora (same as this) for my youngest niece. When I was small girl, my brother brought me to shopping complex, I asked him to go shopping himself and I said I wanted to see stationary alone. I love to see the cartoon wrapping papers, scented erasers, colour pencils, pencil cases many many more...and of course bought some with my pocket money. I didn't use most of it and I still keep it nicely now. I love to collect those cutie little stuffs and I started to buy Dora The Explorer merchandise now. I'll use this file case to put my sketch book for writing paid post, my pens, calculator and some highlighter pens.


Massa In Pole

Great to see Felipe Massa in Pole position for today race in Monte Carlo. You know the race there right so who got in pole would be very much in advantage! Hope he can make it although anything can happen before the end of the race. Tonight will be a some exciting one! But I'll dine out so I'll miss out some in the beginning. Hope everything going well. Go Massa Go Massa...!


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Shopping At Black Friday Online

I have just did a couple of serious shopping recently. It was kind of serious one searching for things but very tiring to shop at the malls walking around here and there to look for stuffs for the coming Father's Day, a close friend's birthday and not forgetting some gifts to nieces and nephew to cheer them up. I was so pity for my pair of legs. They were so tired and painful especially when I was wearing a heel and the worse one was we went home with empty handed because we just couldn't find what we were looking for. I hate that for the time spent worthless. Thus, I started to search for shopping online sites and buy things directly from there. I enjoyed so much as I can browse the stuffs on my comfortable sofa.

Let me tell you this fabulous one, black friday 2008 where I bumped into there most of the time. There, you can shop for items in the preparation for Christmas with some great discounts offered. You can imagine the crowd in the malls when shopping for Christmas right? And the long queue at the cashier counter is even frustrating. I rather search for some toys at Hobby Tron for the small kids for Christmas in year end. I have checked with their discount codes which giving the 3% off for any purchase and it expires on December 30th, 2008.
You can also register your email with them so that you will be updated with the new ads posted. I think this is fantastic and save us a plenty of time for shopping.



You Are Not Addicted to Gossip

You're not a big fan of gossip.

Not when it's about your enemies or friends.

If you're going to say something about someone...

You'll just say it to their face!



Hubby and I hang out at Bangsar Village last week. Yeah, this is another high-end shopping mall so that you hardly see a crowd there. I look for some books while hubby bought a AV magazine. Going into Puma shop always make me add-on my wish list because their sneakers and t-shirts are simply much cheaper than Adidas and Nike. The above pix is nothing special, I just snapped it while waiting hubby going to gents.


Regarding Own Domain


Most often than not, we bloggers will start off a blog with free hosting and we'll go on considering to have an own domain much later for different reasons respectively. I understand it's sort of establishing own branding everyone wish to have but to look for a reliable web hosting who is able to offer prompt services in the most professional manner is not an easy job entirely. I gave up many times simply because I was not convinced by their overwhelming self compliments and the information is too complicated to digest.

Nevertheless, I think A Small Orange Web Hosting is so much different from what I've stated above. There are a few plans ranged from tiny to super package catered with various prices and capacities so we can opt for a particular one according to our budget and needs. By paying as low as $25 per year, you can get the service and this is amazing. Besides, a good technical support is vital to customers when we encounter any problems whereby I think they just have a strong team readily to offer assistance around the clock. I must highlight that their referral programme should have attracted some great responses. We can earn credits through the new customers we bring in and successfully paid subsequently. That means, we can save a lot more if we refer more customers. This shouldn't be difficult for me as I know many of my blogging friends are looking forward to switch web hosting.

Sponsored by A Small Orange


Friday, May 23, 2008

Do You Write Diary?...

~This is my current Diary~

Today I want to talk about diary as I told my buddies that I started to write diary since I was in Standard 6 (Year 6 pupil) in the tag I've done today in my other blog. Yeah, do you write diary to jot down the unforgettable moments, important days in your life, happiness, frustration, worry, excitement...basically to release our feelings in the small book? Well, although I share everything with my family and a few closest friends, there are sometimes a little secret I choose to keep inside my diary. I do not write everyday but when there's something special worth to take it down for remembrance or reference. There kept my kiddy secrets, kiddy says...until a more matured adult secrets and adult says...I'll flip it through when I'm alone at home. I never let my hubby touches them!


Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Favourite Pants


I was told that there's an interesting Dockers contest running now. So that we have the chance to produce our own commercial with a story of our pants. As everyone knows, it needs some sort of creativity in order to make it stands out from the crowd if you want to be the winner. I love the contest but due to the fact that I'm lacking of such talent in creativity, so I would rather share with you here about a day in life with my favourite pants. While most people claimed that a woman looks feminine and attractive only if she wears a dress or skirt but I can't agreed on that because I think wearing a pair of Dockers will equally giving the same effect!

Since my office doesn't have a special dress code, we are allowed to wear with smart casual. Thus, I go with my Dockers very frequent because it's easily match with any long sleeves shirt and blouse. Besides, it saves me time on ironing because it's wrinkle-free and I just hate ironing. Buying Dockers is worth for money too I'll say, the durability is unbelievable. Those hanging in my wardrobe are actually bought about 3 years back but it still looks as nice as a brand new one. I just love them so much! That's mine. You have something to say about your pants now? Send your video to Dockers contest to stand a chance for your commercial to be shown in Jay Leno's The Tonight Show in NBC.

Sponsored by Dockers


Downpour Yesterday

We have been "suffered" in the damn hot weather for many many days and finally there was a downpour with a lot of strong thunder in the evening yesterday! So it's good to chill up the weather at night and I won't sweating in the middle of night although the air-cond is on! Yeah Yeah!....But I'm wondering it goes back to the hot sunny day again today because the weather in our country is the weirdest. We don't need weather forecast actually because it just can't be predicted most of the time! Do you agree?...


Know Your Body

Your Body's Element is Water

You are a joyful, relaxed, and luminous person.

You love people. You live for making new friends and helping others.

You are enthusiastic and the ideal person to work with.

You don't mind doing hard tasks, and you have a generous spirit.

Your energy tends to be: conserved

You power color is: black


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blogging Is Fun With Zookoda

My love for blogging can be rated 10/10 as I'm too addicted to this wonderful and trendy social networking. I supposed I'm not alone as this is also happened to most of my blogging buddies. I said that it seems rather impossible for me not to blog even a day whereas one of my buddies told me that she is like dying if her PC is down and causes her unable to blog on that day! Since we are so serious into blogging, we wish all our nice posts and effort in it could be reached to our readers. Thus we need not worry our buddies will miss out some very interesting posts we like to share. Good news is this can be easily done and we must thank Zookoda, an email marketing application for bringing such a brilliant service for the bloggers.

So that we can send the summary of our latest posts to our readers directly without much hassle either on daily, weekly or monthly basis. This saves us a lot of time and work in promoting out blog. We can spend more time to update our blog instead of blog hopping from one to another wishing to increase more visitors. That could be very tiring sometimes. There are different designs to choose for the newsletter to best represent the style of our blog. Not just bloggers, any other content providers can utilize this professional email newsletters to attract the targeted visitors too. Besides, Zookoda will take care of all the email subscriptions and we just need to provide them the mailing list and we'll be equipped with a report in analyzing the email success rate. And one important thing I forgot to mention earlier, the registration for the service is FREE!

Sponsored by Zookoda


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Day Full of Food

It's actually a back dated post. It was actually a Saturday for about last two-three weeks back. My parents, eldest bro & family + me & hubby went for breakfast at my cousin newly opened a Hong Kong-style cafe in Damansara. I enjoyed the this kind of family bonding session honestly. We chat while enjoying the food. Don't talk much and let's see the pix:-

The food is ok. When we reached the cafe, my cousin were out for buying the necessary stocks according to the staffs. When he came back, my mum and bro had some chat with him basically asking how's the business and the related. But I think it's ok since there were customers coming in while we were eating. So I wish his business will be growing well!

~The guy standing in gray shirt is my cousin~

As I said that was a Day Full of Food in the title right, so check out our NEXT ROUND of FOOD futher!


Monday, May 19, 2008

Earn Money At Home

When you have nothing to blog about on a particular day, I'll advise you that the next best thing you can do is actually hopping from one blog to another. You'll get to know more informations or knowledge that you are unaware of and it may be useful for one day. Besides, I love doing this blog hopping because there'll be something great to discover unexpectedly most of the time. That was exactly what I have gotten where I came across this blog advertising which opens more of the opportunities for me to earn extra income. Join BloggersReview may allow us to do this. I must highlight their Directory where we can list our blog(s) in our to be indexed in Google and most importantly to improve our Page Rank subsequently. I love the way they display the assignments for bloggers. That's very user-friendly where we just need to click at the "Available Tasks" to find out which assignment(s) is available for us, do it accordingly before submit it for approval. If your post unable to meet their requirements, you will be notified to amend the necessary and we are given the chance to re-submit. This is good for us especially if we are still stranger in writing reviews.

I don't know how do you look at it as some people think it's a waste of time in doing the reviews with some small amount of money paid in return. But for me, I'll definitely go for any blog for pay. What's greater than that if one can know more friends while making more money online at the same time? Moreover, money is a big concern in my head now since the standard of living in this country has been upgraded. Therefore, the expenses to maintain a household is going up as well. I think it's too great to live in this century because it makes the dream of many housewives wishing to earn money at home possible as long as you have a computer!



This is Transformer Autobot Jazz, my big boy's latest collection. He asked me to buy Bumblebee for him but that was unavailable in any Toy'R'Us here. He loves this one very much and now it's standing on our tv rack. My big boy(hubby) is just happy like any other small kid when they play with toys!


Regarding Own Style

Some people really don't care about what they wear either for work or any social activities. In other words, their senses towards the colourful fashion is rather blunt. Before I go on to talk about Dockers contest, I'll chat a little about wearing in style. One should have picked the outfits which can best carried oneself in considering one's personality, comfortability without much lacking of style. It doesn't mean that one has to follow exactly what's hit and trendy or imitating the way your favourite Hollywood star in wearing. I would like to point out a man who can always put the style on and off the stage. He is Bono, the anchorman in U2. His choice of style is usually simple, jacket and pants in black with a pair of smart glasses but I think he is able to bring up the classic trend as an alternative rock star.

For me, I'll always love to put myself into smart casual because I'm more confident in this style. Well, this is easy said than done. You know why? I have to spend some time on mix and match but if wearing a Dockers pants will not give me such a headache. It's easily topping with a nice blouse and jacket to make you fabulous. I supposed you must have your own style to share with us right? All to need to do is to make it into a video with some creativity and send your entry to the Dockers contest to stand a chance to feature in Jay Leno's The Tonight Show.

Sponsored by Dockers


Rafa Is Fantastic

Has anyone of you watched the final match between Rafa and FedEx yesterday? That was an enjoyable one mostly because Rafa Has won the title of Hamburg Master Series! Rafa's will power and his skill on the clay court is never doubted. He can always fight back although his opponent is leading in early in the match. So, I'll rate the match 5-star and two thumbs up! I'm looking forward to the more interesting one in the coming French Open.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jewelry An Added Value To Women

There's seldom any jewelries putting on myself since I started to work years back. The snatching thefts crime in this country has never been calmed down from then so the best choice is always go on plain except wearing a watch in order to make sure do not late to office. I get used to my my and my style but being a lady, I thought a simple or even a tiny piece of jewelry is very much an added-value to be feminine. Some Christian women love to have gold crosses pendants. That's indeed a brilliant choice aesthetically despite the religious reason. But for many non-Christian also love a gold crucifix now.

If you ask me what's my ideal jewelry? I'll tell you it's definitely a nice diamond bracelet and I love the one from Apples of Gold Jewelry for value and quality consideration. They are jewelry wholesale for more than 25 years from Los Angeles. I love browsing through their website because all those jewelries are very clear and you can even view the close-up for better viewing of the diamonds! I'm confident for both their products and services having read the customer reviews which mostly rating them 4 1/2 - 5 stars. Furthermore, you are allowed to send back the jewelry if you're not satisfied and fully refund with their 45-day return policy offered to the customers. Imagine that matching with my one piece halter-neck dress can make me more my hubby! Can you hear me, my darling? I wish to want one on our coming 2nd anniversary alright?


Regarding Bloggership...Friendship

Actually I wanted to write about this days ago but I was quite busy so I delay it until today. Smell the aroma of coffee first and let's start. I'm pretty sure that many of you here know that I'll call you buddy after we know each other for some time right? I have a buddy here let me down, that was the most unexplainable and weird I've encountered so far in blogging. I get to know her for quite long time ago. What I'm usually doing or rather my routine in blogging will be updating my blog and hopping for my buddies' places, leave some messages or sometimes just read without any comments (either I was busy or I really have none to comment for whatever reasons) or do not get to your places for some time on my very busy days. That's what everyone or at least most of you doing right?

For those whom I think are closer to me, I'll hop to their places more frequent like everyday because I think their posts attracted my attention to keep track of the update. I thought most buddies would just love to have such kind of response from their readers. And to my surprise she left a message in my chat box one day basically saying that she doesn't like the way I'm doing all these while and claimed that I didn't even say hi to her. I was shock and I take the opportunity here to address a bit, please don't complain to others before you think twice or even more. She very seldom visit my place (but she did in the past), comments and not to mention the tags for her. I even support her new blog when she got her own domain. But I think I was so stupid in doing all these and end up she sending me such a message in return! At first, I thought she just make fun with me with a rather heavy tone. But she is serious because I hopped to her blog days ago and I found out she has removed my blog link in her blogroll (I guess I saw it correct). I was laughing uncontrollable man...........nevermind, as I said this is unexplainable so I have deleted her and I guess this is the full stop to our so-called friendship! That's fine.

To other buddies, I enjoyed, appreciated and hope to treasure further our friendship all the while! Ok?!


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Expect The Most Extreme

How's your day lately? Flat and boring? If your answer is yes, I have something interesting to "spice up" your life not with Spice Girl but something a little hot to handle named Frontier(s). Please make sure you are the one who can take the exceptionally scary movie because this one is unrated and uncut, so you gotta prepare to expect the most extreme horror movie ever showing in the selected theaters from May 9, 2008. You can check out the theater listings which is available now for the ease of reference.

I just read the plot of this movie. I'm thoroughly attracted by the scene where the sub-human cannibals are crawling out from the tunnels trying to eat the ex-couple (the lead actor and actress) and their two friends who hide in the inn. They are forced to go hiding there when they being chased closely by the police at a race riots in Paris. That must be ugly, disgusting and blood everywhere! Interesting right? Sneak in the movie trailer but please turn down the volume if you're watching in the office or else everyone will stop working but watching then you're in trouble! If you're afraid too much as to your screaming and shouting in the theater may be embarrassing, you better buy a DVD (released on May 13, 2008) and watch it at home so that you can always hide behind the bolster!

Sponsored by Frontier(s)


Mother's Day Celebration

Oh yeah I have forgotten to update the Mother's Day celebration in this blog too. We were eating out at a nearby Chinese restaurant. Here you can see my 2nd sis-in -law cutting the cake into pieces for everyone. The cake is free for those who ordered set dinner that night. We almost can't stuff ourselves with even a very small piece of cake because everyone were full with the nice dishes! Want to see more pix? CLICK HERE but I'm sorry to make you hungry again, hehehe...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Need Blue?...

You Need Some Blue in Your Life

Blue will make you feel calm, intelligent, and confident.

And with a little blue, you will project an aura of sincerity and loyalty.

If you want wisdom, you've got to get a little blue in your life!

For extra punch: Combine blue with brown or green

The downside of blue: Blue can make you seem more conservative and reserved than you are

The consequences of more blue in your life:

You will feel more open to the world around you

You will have a broader and richer perspective on life

You will be able to find solitude, even in the most hectic times


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Upgrade My Watch Collection

A good and quality timepiece is always the greatest gift if you're looking for one to someone special in your heart like your parents or soulmate. On the other hand, some have the high value in it for its super nice craftmanship. That's why the hobbyist will choose those high quality for their collection. I do have my little corner in placing the watches I collected since I started to wear one. My collection consists of analogue and digital watches which all from the middle range. Of course I'll love to add on some luxury one if I'm affordable. The first one I may look for is none other than jaquet droz watch because I'm so tempted by its elegance. Yes, I love it at first sight!

It's borrowed from the name of its founder, Pierre Jacquet Droz (1721-1790). He was well known for his excellent works in creating not only limited to watches but also clocks and automatons. There are different ranges which displaying each of its uniqueness. The one that caught my eyes is La Fleur de Lotus. You can see how beautiful the dials and jewelery are neatly tailored. There's a special series of 8 models with 8 limited edition each which were inspired by the botanical motifs of Art Nouveau. The extended collection of Hommage Paris 1785 is equally charming as well. Wearing this watch is actually wearing a piece of jewelry at the same time because of the perfect combination of its black diamonds, pink or blue sapphires, amethysts ans tsavorites. You tell me which woman on the earth will resist this?


They Did It Again...

Remember they were wearing almost the same that I posted earlier here? The small boy is so cute, he asked his uncle to wear the same style again for the next day when we went out together for breakfast in the morning. You see his mischievous smiling...a naughty boy but always know how to melt adult's heart!

There was one night we had dinner at the restaurant, the waiter was alert to carry a baby chair for him spontaneously but you guess what the boy said to us? ... "I'm four years old already, I don't need baby chair!..." We were laughing at him and replied him "Oh yes, you are BIG boy now, you don't need a baby chair any more"

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Luxury Christian Cruise

It could be a great getaway in this Summer for joining the luxury Christian Cruise if you are looking forward to explore the bible ports and treasure into bible teachings together with Bob Cornuke and other fellow Christian. There are some other Bible Cruises will be sailing scheduled in nest year and the years ahead but lets see what are the activities or rather the itineraries for the coming Mediterranean Christian cruise on July 18-26 2008. The tour will be going with the huge 5-star vessel, Star Clippers.

The cruise will depart from USA and arrives the first destination in Athens, go on touring Mars Hill with a special private teaching. One'll enjoy the calm and smell the sea when sailing the sea at the welcome celebration. There'll be a full day for fellowship and teachings on cruise. Moving on to visit Pergamum as one of the best preserved church sites. Visiting Kusadari beaches and teaching in the actual amphitheatre, exploring the best kept archeological site of Roman City will be a very fulfilling day. Free and easy for everyone to explore the beautiful Patmos Island could be totally relax and one can take the chance to ride a bicycle or scooter too. Followed by a full day visit to Santorini and Sitnos where they are planning a BBQ party there! Lastly going back to Athens andf lying back home or stay with BASE Institute. If you think this is insufficient, you may extend your trip until July 30, 2008. This is the summary of the tour but you can always check out their other Christian Cruises which best suited your liking.