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Sunday, August 29, 2010

You Seen It Real?...

Do you see real gold bullion in front of you before? I seen it a number of times but all are through movies of course! You know those movies involved some very rich families usually like to show their precious belongings in some shots but anyway that's just movies. How people can get wealthy so easily is always the question in my mind. Do you actually think about it? As people said rich people will get richer while the poor one will get poorer. This is a fact which we can't disagree. Anyway, if you want to climb out from the poverty statistic, you just gotta work extra smart but not hard. If you have a little to invest for the precious metals one day, please get expert advice from United States Gold Bureau because they are the pioneer in this market.


What Scared Me?

That's when XJ was 7 months old during CNY, the "cool fever" didn't cool him down

I'm not scared of dark or pain and I'm not worry for being alone nor terrific heavy workloads... What's mattered me the most is when time the little guy has fever. That's the most difficult thing to handle! I'm lucky that he is a healthy little guy and quite tough too. So far he had fever once touched about 38.6-38.8 degree at the highest.(touch woodx10) That was during the 6th day of CNY. (actually started a day before but the fever was within 37 degree, went to Assunta Hospital but the medicine were not effective) The Pead clinic where XJ has his routine vaccinations was still closed for holiday and same to other Pead clinics. Without further delay, we brought him to see doc at Pantai Medical Center, Bangsar at the emergency ('coz it's late night). Good was he needn't admit to hospital. He was still very bouncy like usual and smiled to the doc. But the drama started when we got back home. He was extremely cranky, threw tantrum 100x more than usual :-( Cried 'til he threw out the milk he drank earlier and cried some more... that means the medicine which mixed with milk also came out from the stomach, really headache and needed to clean up the mess too... You know the CNY mood was suddenly all spoilt and I just wanted my little baby to get well soon.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

He Grows Up Fast...

Now I'm totally agreed with the people who told me once that "you just gotta enjoy when your son is still a baby..." for numerous reasons. We had his one year old birthday celebration early last month but he seems grown up a lot more faster after that both mentally and physically! We couldn't "control" him much now because he tends to be very firm on his "decision". For example, he wanted to hold the Lipton Lemon Green Tea plastic bottle when I took it out from the fridge, just prepared to pour into my mouth, he saw it & shouted non-stop... He wanted to touch & hold the bottle (he loves to touch cold things) which means he will grab that for quite some while & won't let me drink. I never let this little guy do whatever he likes or he may think whatever he does are just alright next time. But when I don't give him, he will shout 'til I lost my patient and surrender finally... Kids have their own mind so early, is that good (their brain is on duty any second) or bad (to the parents who could hardly tame them)???

I missed his "salivating" kisses. This one taken during Mother's Day in May earlier. He's been very good boy to kiss me whenever I asked for, he will never turn down my request. It's a different story now!

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Learned From The Past

I remembered my mom said that some the famous actors and actresses of the past are very "fragile" in life. Although they made good fame and earned a lot, they ended up in dire street because unable to pay for the huge debts in gambling or some even worse as the committed suicide as a result of the failure in relationship! That's actually very silly! I thought people in the past have quality in everything but I never understand why they would have led their life in such pitiful! Perhaps people today learned from the past mistakes so they tend to invest on something which is of high value for example bullion. This is for assurance especially during the later part of our life I mean when we are retired finally. The little investment during the young days are of importance then. I do not have much advice but you should seek the assistance of the specialist like United States Gold Bureau if you wish to buy gold, silver or other precious metals.


Little Appreciation

I guess we all like to be appreciated for our efforts put forth no matter it's a huge one like overcoming the hardships faced by a company or a trivial one like sorting out the house chores everyday. Or sometimes we do a particular things which is not within our responsibility but we just think it's better to ease the burden of the other... Ok, a genuine one will not ask for a thing in return but we do love to know or listen (at least) some nice words directly from the mouth of the person involved to show that he or she appreciated what other has done for. Or it's actually a form of respect. Unfortunately, most people in this century are very hesitate to do so. I'm not sure why or is it because too much of blogging, FB-ing, tweet-ing ... etc and people less talking 'til don't know what to say?... Be caution ok? If you're one of them, please spare a while to think all over again!

This small cake is specially given to the moms (on Mother's Day in May earlier) from the lady boss of the restaurant we frequent for weekend dinner to show their appreciation on us always make a comeback. We were surprised & delighted + we continue to go back to the same place! Can you see the magic in it?

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

That's precious!

Oh this one is precious because this was the first and the only pic I managed to snap when I finally saw the pearly white erupted from the stubborn gum of my little monster about 1 month plus ago! He never like to let me touch his lips but I always love to disturb him. So one day, I saw something I longed for were finally there and I used my one hand to carry the camera while the other hand to do that as shown in the pic. You can see the little guy's facial expression, he was so reluctant... and he wanted to bite me too!

I think it's very important to witness a kid's growth and developments or you may be regretted if you've missed it and you find he or she is grown up in a blink of eye. My ex-coll rang me the other day to chat about family affair and kids stuff. She said that she felt guilty for not taking care of her own kid (with her personal reasons) eventhough she works at home. Well, my opinion offered to her is the quantity of time is not as vital as the quality time spent with the little one. And we must accomplish our responsibility at the best of us at time and stay focus because the opportunity may just passed through, that's a waste.

It was like just last night I cuddle him, a small baby but he is a little destroyer today!

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